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kun children2010-01-16 03:01:39 +0000 #1
For the CSPN some suggestions: a left Liaoning Sports, I heard that New Year to withdraw from Liaoning Sports Network platform, network platform, has lost physical Jiangsu, Liaoning, sports is launching the first station, do not lose, or network platform may face Huang Jianxiang near collapse two left Chuan Huang Jianxiang may have to leave the CSPN, as is the World Cup in 10 years to play a better space, since the network platform has been set 10 years will be broadcast throughout the World Cup in South Africa, why not leave Huang Jianxiang, his departure is because of this do not, after all, indispensable to the development of any industry, celebrity, and now the CSPN in the real celebrity Huang Jianxiang only one person, take a look at the European Cup in 2008 Huang Jianxiang explain the effect of bringing to the CSPN bar, is said to CSPN08 European Cup because of years of broadcasting Huang Jianxiang explanation of the ratings even surpassed the CCTV5 3 won the English Premier League broadcasting rights as soon as possible this year, CSPN has lost the right to live La Liga, but increased the Bundesliga broadcast rights for the Premiership, with the exception of three powerful media north Canton has already begun broadcasting, some of the domestic two broadcast media, has also been broadcast English Premier League, such as sports, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, sports, Anhui style, Shenzhen, sports, Jilin, style, etc., while as the CSPN so-called second only to the CCTV Sports, has been above the a strong northward wide media did not broadcast the Premiership is not the truth, for this point many of the original network platform, the audience liked the views are large, if the CSPN would like to restore these in the past loyal audience, broadcast Premiership imminent

zwzz57282010-01-16 03:17:11 +0000 #2
directly to turn off or the central five good



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