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When Kaka in Milan Milan is the total number of goals scored ah?

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Kaka in Serie A and Champions League for the Chinese Communist scored 94 goals in Milan Kaka Introduction

name: Ricardo Dos Santos Yizekesen Slater (Ricardo Izecson Dos Santos Leite)

Abbreviations: Kaka (Kakà)

Cantonese name: Gaca

Kaka jersey at Real Madrid when the fans nickname: Small Kaka Po

Nickname: Ricky Rich (Note: Due to the Italian language homophonic problem, this nickname Milan teammate exclusive)

Nationality: Brazil

Place of Birth: Brasilia

Birthday: April 22, 1982

Height: 186cm

Weight: 77kg

Blood Type: A

Constellation: Taurus

Language: Brazilian Portuguese , English, Italian, French

1:00 Position: attacking midfielder (Qian Yao), or two forward

dominant leg: right foot

Current Club: Real Madrid

who played for the club:

club Sao Paulo AC Milan jersey number: 18 (Sao Paulo), 22 (AC Milan), 8 (Real Madrid)

national team jersey number: 10 (2008 Confederations Cup), 23 (02 World Cup), 7 (2005 Confederations Cup), 8 ( 2006 World Cup), 19

national team debut: Bolivia (2002.1.31)

World Cup experience: 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup 2006 Germany World Cup

family status

Father:博斯科莱特(engineers, Kaka Economic Man)

Mother: Ximengnike Christie Na Sangtuo Slater (Teacher)

brother: Rodrigues伊泽森桑托Slater (the players had with the effect of AC Milan and Kaka)

wife : Caroline Race Like Caroline Celico Leite (university graduate Party Planner)

son: Luca race Likelaite (Luca Celico Leite

personal preferences

Hobbies: read the Bible, golf, tennis, bowling, watching videos, listening to gospel, playing video games

Favorite music: Gospel music

favorite style of play: fast and simple and practical work of the bigger picture

like attitude: serious due diligence to find the most efficient way `
favorite gospel band: Resgate and Renascer Praise

Favorite singer: Aline Barros

Favorite Music Album: Renascer Praise the sixth album, "commitment"

favorite actress: Regina Duarte

Favorite DVD: Only Renascer Praise of

Favorite Movie: " The Green Mile, "" Men of Honor "
favorite TV shows: movies, such as" friends "like the TV series, as well as sports programs, especially the global television" sports spectacle "," 24 "
favorite books:" Bible "
Favorite Color: White

favorite drink: water and pineapple juice

Favorite food: Mom signs and peroneal Jeddah Risotto rice, black beans and Brazilian barbecue

favorite clothing style: sports and leisure

Favorite brand: Armagh Nepal

favorite perfume: CK and Hugo Boss

favorite shoes: no particular favorite

love the city: Brasilia, where I was born

favorite car: Audi

Pretty Woman: Fernanda莉玛
beautiful man: I

day love: to play

evening like: to go out to taste all kinds of dinner at home with his wife to discuss the Bible

leisure time to their family and always do: go to church, to a friend outside of the donor

Sports Entertainment : Theater and Cinema is a good choice

romantic or affectionate: affectionate

Idol: Only the Lord Jesus Christ

Pets: Ranny, one of my poodle

professional model: Rai, Zico, Senna

admired person: good communication and people

happy thing: play

troublesome thing: myopia

fear thing: hunger

Love House: Brasilia's home

Conquest: become an excellent professional player

shattered: not yet become a u-20 champion

Dream: to have their own children, becoming the second point of view Maldini

Life Love: I love a lot of things, but loving ways and varying degrees of

money: to rescue those helpless people

Happiness: and God fellow.

friends: live in the suffering of people

Marriage: Xiangruyimo

away from home years ago: my mother will say to me, God bless you

words of the prayer: In accordance with the guidance of a parent to do, no one can make you stop and step

describe God: Never trust people

living belief: belief in life pleasant
: let their continuous improvement in all aspects

faced a crisis: I will pray

plagued Brazil are:

to the injustice and corruption in Brazil benefit is: sports

our people need to protest is: hunger

face puzzled solution: the confidence

Who taught you more in life: Family

Kaka Brazil's Sao Paulo in recent years, cultivate outstanding midfield players, In 2003, 8.5 million euros move to AC Milan. technology awareness is superb, with its overwhelming personal dribbling ability and speed, and accurate passing and long-range capabilities. race, he assists and teammates scored in addition to the regular, but also by virtue of the Serie A and Champions League a few key screenings Jijingsizuo the long-range scores, and repeatedly played "Savior Riding Alone" role, and the team take a firm position of the main Qianyao.

[Edit this paragraph] career

* 2000 year career Kaka from Brazil, Sao Paulo, the club began the famous and soon became the squad's star.

* 2002 World Cup, Kaka as the Brazilian team to win, but he was only in the group stage match against Costa Rica to get 18 minutes to play.

* After the 2002 World Cup, Kaka state of decline, coupled with transfer rumors continue to become Sao Paulo fans object of attack.

* summer of 2003, Kaka, AC Milan officially become a member of the his first season in Serie A, he performed extremely well.

* 2003-04 season, with Kaka played well, scoring 10 goals, Milan 17th Serie A summit.

* 2006-07 UEFA Champions League, Kaka to 10 into the the ball three assists absolute advantage to become the tournament's top scorer and best player, the rate of Milan, 7th Dragon in Europe. Along with the 7th of Milan to dominate Europe, Kaka was elected this year's European Golden Ball and World Player of the Year.

* 2007 in Japan in the World Club Cup final, the best player.

at 6:20 on June 9, 2009, Spain's Real Madrid, the club's official website announced: Kaka has become a Real Madrid player. complete with Kaka After signing Real Madrid's official issued a brief announcement, said the agreement with AC Milan, Ricardo Dos Santos Yizekesen Slater, that is, Kaka, has become a Real Madrid player. The Brazilian players today has satisfactorily passed the physical examination, Kaka and Real Madrid signed a six-year contract.



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