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Who blunder soccer ball up?

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FIFA recognized by the record: the largest players own goal from Madagascar Emine Olympic League team, who specifically Madagascar Football Federation did not disclose 2003 October 31 Japan, Emine Olympic Team (SOE Antananarivo), was not satisfied with the referee's decision in the first game, in the right A Dema Team (AS Adema) of the events scored 149 own goals.

On this the largest players are advancing oolong Walter Hus

Walt Huss (July 14, 1888 -1,937 12 25), Azerbaijan football player.

Own Ball: 24 Ball (battle: 177 games)

General career goals: 88 goals (battle: 177 games)

other famous players of the own goal (football)
安德列斯埃斯Koba (Andrés Escobar), In 1994 during the World Cup because it scored an own goal, not only makes the team 1-2 loss to Colombia, the U.S. team, but also makes Colombia the World Cup Shi Liujiang miss this session, has been criticized by their fans, but unfortunately he was shot dead after returning home, the violence shocked the global sports community;
斯塔夫范丹bais (Staf Van Den Buys), a game to complete a hat-trick of own goal (into the three own goal);

Nikelaka Rui Kela (Nicola Caricola), into the own goal in the United States after the Major League Soccer team the New York Metro Stars, "Karuikela curse";
加里斯佩克(Gary Sprake) hand the ball thrown into one's own goal goalkeeper;

Bjarte Flem, the other the ball thrown into the goalkeeper's own goal;

Jonathan Woodgate (Jonathan Woodgate), in the first field on behalf of Real Madrid's match injection own goal, and later because of a foul resulting in a red card playing. By some people think that is the most unfortunate "initial appearance" (debut).

Carlos Gamarra (Carlos Gamarra), 2006 World Cup in the first one in a 1 to 0 to enter the only goal of the game but an own goal player.

Frank Sinclair (Frank Sinclair), many months into the own goal (three consecutive games to enter the own goal)

Djimi Traore (Djimi Traoré), one guard in the performing rear foot pass, the mistake the ball kick into the own goal.
克里斯尼科尔(Chris Nicholl), Aston Villa defender, in the March 20, 1976 pairs of Leicester's League One League connected to two own goals, but also in the next game scored two goals to tie the game, becoming the world's only an entry in a race with only four balls to bring players to a draw.

Wang Liang, in behalf of the Chinese national football team and the U.S. team's game, into the farthest in the history of the own goal, with a range of 40 meters.

Chris, on behalf of the Cambridge United's game, the fastest own goal into the goal, this goal just six seconds from the opening.

Madaras, in the 2006-07 Serie A season in half the ball back to the goalkeeper has made a mistake when you put excessive force.

Jeremies, the former Bayern star in his Bundesliga career in the own goal scored off 7.



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