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What kind of soccer shoes can be applied to sandy

puppet small New2010-02-18 20:10:29 +0000 #1
our school's football field is the sand come from only a small piece of grass .. the same thing, do not know what shoes can be applied such venues
ice-cream-Jun2010-02-18 20:13:05 +0000 #2
persuade Louzhu or buy a similar soccer binary canvas shoes that bar!

What kind of shoes, there will be wear and tear

broken nail the shoe on the ground in that fundamentally fail to seize the land

binary more than 20 yuan for half a year even if wearing it, buy a regular football shoes, money can buy multiple pairs of the N

personally appreciate the following This pair of shoes, a red upper and white sole, flashy

but there are rugged rubber toe nails, kicked out of the ball spin round nails stronger

spikes also, in the middle there is the reverse of the plastic nails, grasping way stronger! =% B4% F3% B2% A9% CE% C4% D7% E3% C7% F2% D0 % AC & z = 0
Leomacy2010-02-18 20:49:59 +0000 #3
tendon Dier's.

Do not what to buy leather foot. Because the skin are generally adequate plastic nail.

Plastic nail shoes to wear for the artificial grass.

Tendon Dier similar to the first floor of the images, binary star can be. Durable and cheap. The most important thing is functionality in the sand more suitable for comfortable.

Is not necessarily binary, leap, and some domestic brands of shoes, can be. Pretty good.



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