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Which players did not participate in the World Cup or European Cup?

magic angel heart2010-02-18 21:10:23 +0000 #1
Dozens of pre-star is not to say that I do not know

that now
Kazakhstan House Porter2010-02-18 21:20:56 +0000 #2
active players

by country, mainly in Europe (I say two failed, the homes Watt did not participated in the European Cup, but the World Cup dreams of any rate)

Macedonia - Pandev

Belarus - Hleb

Wales - Ryan Giggs, Craig Bellamy

Iceland - Eidur Gudjohnsen

Georgia - Card Glaser cobia Shi Willy

Israel - Yossi Benayoun

Finland - Hyypia

Croatia - Eduardo (broken leg in 2008, injuring a 10-year Croatia is also a good miss)

Montenegro - Vucinic (about Vetic still young, the future may have the opportunity to)

Belgium - Weiermalun (Van Buyten took part in the 02 World Cup, Belgium, talented, and perhaps be able to participate in the next European Cup)

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Mixi Mo Weiqi Yi bishah Weiqizheke (However, they also have the opportunity)

followed by the star power of the edge

Philippe Mexes (France), Giuly (France), Guti (Spain), Jermain Defoe (England), Lucca Reilly (Italy) ... ... intake of only 23, a tragedy many people


Mali - Kanoute Kai Taxi Sissoko M Diarra

Zimbabwe - The Jani

Egypt - Mido Zidane

Senegal - Niang (Marseille and Senegal double the current captain has missed the dark horse of the team in 2002)

Democratic Republic of Congo - Agricultural up to

Morocco - shamak


Let me talk about the tragedy of the two teams in the figure, Motta (Brazil), Julio Baptista (Brazil), Grafite (Brazil), Demichelis (Argentina), Diego Milito (Argentina) ... ... but some of them still have a chance to go to South Africa

Peru - Pizza Luogeleiluo

Venezuela - Ah-Ge

Colombia - Zapata (Cordoba participated in 98 World Cup)

Asia's big reputation with those who did not
check balance, press 22010-02-18 21:27:08 +0000 #3
soar WrightEagle2010-02-18 21:49:33 +0000 #4
1. Liberia number one - George Weah.

2. George. Best (his golden period of his career just in World War II, so he is very hated the Nazis)

3. Giggs (Wales do not expect to be able to break into the World Cup)

4. Roy Keane (ibid.)

5. Giovane Elber (only Brazil are too many people can say a)

6. Eric Cantona (all victims of his temper)

7. Di Stefano (the world football, sorry)

8. Schuster (as 80 age of Germany's most outstanding midfielder, the tiger is that apart from the name of the rebellious, dare erect their own fans the middle finger is no wonder that missed the World Cup)

9. Rush (with a Welsh genius, unfortunately, ah, the evil of the English Football Association)

10. Finland skates Litmanen (the timing was bad, that term of the Finnish team is too weak a

11. Deisler (injured)

Also attached to top 50 players did not participate in the World Cup

NO. 50 Hans Grande (Brede Hangeland, Norway) NO.49 Bwalya (Kalusha Bwalya, Zambia) NO.48 Solano (Nolberto Solano, Peru) NO.47 boli (Basile Boli, France) NO.46 Weiermalun (Thomas Vermaelen, Belgium) NO.45 Kanoute (Fredi Kanoute, Mali) NO.44 Salihamidzic (Hasan Salihamidzic, Bosnia) NO.43 Hleb (Alexander Hleb, Belarus) NO. 42 Yossi Benayoun (Yossi Benayoun, Israel) NO.41 Goode Johnson (Eidur Gudjohnsen, Iceland) NO.40 en daram (Japhet N'Doram, Chad) NO.39 Todd (Colin Todd, England) NO. 38 Bellamy (Craig Bellamy, Wales) NO.37 Curry (Tony Currie, England) NO.36 Kanchelskis (Andrei Kanchelskis, Russia) NO.35 Laurentian (Mark Lawrenson, Ireland) NO.34 Paolo Di Canio (Paolo Di Canio, Italy) NO.33 Madeley (Paul Madeley, England) NO.32 Abeidi - Bailey (Abedi Pele, Ghana) NO.31 Dimitar Berbatov (Dimitar Berbatov, Bulgaria ) NO.30 Fox (Bill Foulkes, England) NO.29 Kennedy (Ray Kennedy, England) NO.28 Asha Man (Andrey Arshavin, Russia) NO.27 Coleman (Eddie Colman, England) NO.26 White (John White, Scotland) NO.25 Emlin - Hughes (Emlyn Hughes, England) NO.24 Hyypia (Sami Hyypia, Finland) NO.23 Ledisaier (Matthew Le Tissier, England) NO.22 Bruce ( Steve Bruce, England) NO.21 Litmanen (Jari Litmanen, Finland) NO.20 Swart (Jesaia Swart, The Netherlands) NO.19 Clemens (Ray Clemence, England) NO.18 Ginola ( David Ginola, France) NO.17 Toshack (John Toshack, Wales) NO.16 Anelka (Nicolas Anelka, France) NO.15 Gilles (Johnny Giles, Ireland) NO.14 Southall (Neville Southall , Wales) NO.13 Mark - Hughes (Mark Hughes, Wales) NO.12 Dean (Dixie Dean, England) NO.11 Spencer (Alberto Spencer, Ecuador) NO.10 Schuster (Germany), Shu Castel is definitely a talented player in the league during the period effect, wearing off Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, the three rival team's jersey and received, including La Liga, the King's Cup, European Cup Winners Cup numerous awards. Schuster is also a Germany won Euro 1980, champion team members, but four years later, perverse character of Schuster and the German Football Association had a falling out, as young as 24-year-old would announce plans to withdraw from the national team, but also this Close the door to their own World Cup. NO.9 Mariam - Brady (Ireland), the legendary Arsenal midfielder Brady, even though the Irish national team appearances to 72 times, but did not show up international competition. 1988 European Championship and 1990 World Cup, he missed through injury, and in 1990, Italy announced its withdrawal from the national team during the World Cup qualifiers. NO.8 Valentino - Mazzola (Italy), quiet demeanor of the horse Zola be called football all-rounder, capable at any location. He has won four times in Turin, the Italian league title, but in May 4, 1949 went away to Lisbon on the way, unfortunately, killed in crash experience, only 30 years old. Turin team was only one person survived. NO.7 Eric Cantona (France) in 1987, only 21-year-old Cantona completed on behalf of the French team debut, but after one year because of coach Henry - Michel disrespectful, was barred from participating in international competitions. Three years later, Cantona return to the national team, Gallic rooster is in the United States in World Cup qualifying defeat by Bulgaria out of finals. although after being appointed as national team captain, Eric Cantona, explosive temper, let him pay for it. 塞尔哈斯特 Park shock the fans flying kick, and after 9 months of the suspension, leading Manchester United missed the 1998 World Cup in France the king, and as Qi Dahne led his unit to victory, even though expensive for the Manchester United legend Eric Cantona never place. NO.6 Duncan - Edwards (England) Duncan - Edwards is "Busby boys" in one, helping Manchester United 2 wins league. February 1958, Manchester United Munich air disaster hit, Duncan - Edwards in the hospital 15 days after the end of treatment due to serious injuries Sashourenhuan, only 21 years old.'s death, he has played for England over 18 times, and has five goals much richer. NO.5 Ian - Rush (Wales) Rush is famous for three things: mustache, goals, such as hemp and has never been short-listed the World Cup finals. The legendary Welsh players, the effectiveness of Liverpool acquired during five league titles and a European champion, but, and, like many of his compatriots, there is no chance to stage the World Cup display. NO.4 George - George Weah (Liberia) in Weah's career, has won the World Player of the Year, European Footballer of the Year, the African Footballer of the highest individual honor, etc., but also representing the Paris St Germain and AC Milan won the French, the Italian league title. However, his national team career, not so wonderful, whether as a player the coach or sponsor identity, he and his Liberian never been among the World Cup finals. NO.3 Ryan Giggs (Wales) 11 league titles, two Champions League titles, four FA Cup titles, has been well for the legend of the legendary Ryan Giggs, rated as the most abundant harvest in English football player. But the tragedy is that the Welsh team since 1958, no longer appear in the World Cup finals in ... ... NO.2 George -- Best (Northern Ireland) No. 7 Manchester United legend George - Best in Manchester United can be said to summon wind and rain, but it can not help the Northern Ireland out of Europe into the world. In 1982, Northern Ireland at the Billy - Bingham entered Spain under the leadership of the World Cup, but has 36 years of age, such as the fate of the Best alcohol again, did not get coach of the recruitment. NO.1 Di Stefano (Argentina) Maradona, Di Stefano was considered to be the best football in the history of good player, on behalf of Argentina, Colombia and Spain, three caps, but because of the political, injuries and luck, and many other reasons, the gold arrow for the first time have failed to appear in the World Cup finals. In 1950 Brazil World Cup, due to World War II follow-up effects, Argentina refused to play, Di Stefano for the first time lost the World Cup opportunities; 1954 World Cup in Switzerland, Argentina still refuses to play, Di Stefano also because the two countries on behalf of Argentina and Colombia, competition, the international foot Alliance does not have the competition to determine qualifications; in 1956 he received the Spanish nationality, but the matador could not the World Cup finalists Sweden in 1958; in 1961, 35-year-old Di Stefano was finally helped Spain reached the 1962 World Cup, Chile, it is Unfortunately, before the game because of muscle strain that he had swallowed their anger to retire. After that, after four World Cup did not get anywhere in Di Stefano, announced its withdrawal from the national team.
Lu Yi Sheng indignant roar2010-02-18 22:52:28 +0000 #5
Messi did not participated in the European Cup, because he is the American people



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