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Why is the Czech soccer team can not match out of line?

Magic Angel Heart2010-02-18 21:10:36 +0000 #1
2006 2008 We all know that bar

2010 World Cup Group 3 no such garbage into how the Czech Republic Czech football

06 World Cup, the former world No. 2 ranking is, this team may be ranked in such a 2

also in 2004 the Czech Republic into the European Cup four-keung, 02, 98 years into the World Cup no, 00 European Cup also group 3
blind from a broken, right2010-02-18 21:19:56 +0000 #2
Czech Republic in terms of age appeared on merchandise in, with Pavel Nedved, Poborsky, Vladimir Smicer, Berger, who retired, but there have been no new people can be Tiaoda Liang's. In fact, in 2004, after the strength of the Euro has declined, and 06 World Cup qualifying match with the Netherlands and Norway have already exposed the problem of an aging lineup. In the 08 European Cup team the first three as no surprise. Like some Eastern European teams are often a number of talented players with glorious years, and then silence for some time, as before, Bulgaria and Romania are also the same.

As for the 2006 World Cup, ranked high, the number with the 2004 European Cup semi-finals of the performance-related, plus qualifiers.

2002 World Cup did not incorporated, it is bad luck related. Veteran playoff encounter the same majority of Belgium. Own a home and away knockout of the contingency are greater.

98 years, did not go in the World Cup, group of poor. Thriving with Spain and the top teams in the same group of dakhin nusf.

2000 European Cup qualifying 10 teams in the Czech Republic before the war Tokachi, but unfortunately in the final stages of the host country the Netherlands and world champions France. Other teams may also be replaced by the third group.
8 grid teeth Lu2010-02-18 21:19:33 +0000 #3
Main players aging, only relying on Pavel Nedved (retired), Jan Koller (retired), Petr Cech, Zdenek Grygera these elderly people. The lack of youth force. The major European leagues better than league level.
wanming1492010-02-18 22:17:11 +0000 #4
players aging, lean, and now is also the main strength of the glass are people, how could it enter the World Cup?



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