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The world's first to implement real-name ticket system where a state is

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India is the world's first country to implement real-name system ticket
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India's national railway mileage reached 63,000 kilometers a day, The train operator has 18,000 vehicles, of which more than 8,700 passenger train vehicles. Day, carrying about 16 million passengers and 2.2 million tons of materials. If the United States is a country on wheels, India is a veritable train wheels on the country. The Indian Railways is not busy will encounter difficult to get a ticket situation? On the contrary, in India to buy train tickets is very convenient. Passengers can buy tickets to the train station, you can also find sales points or travel agency bookings. In addition, the railway sector with a number of Internet cafes in India signed a cooperation agreement, passengers can go to Internet cafes Jiaoqian authorized ticket. If the visitors to have a credit card or connect the online banking service, then the passengers can also connect to the Internet at home, buy a ticket, after confirmation can be printed out directly, and similar electronic ticket, they could really stay at home. In addition, India has not so-called "Spring Festival" This focus on the special period of passengers, passenger traffic more evenly throughout the year, which result in pressure on India's rail transport is relatively small.

India's ticket is also a real-name system. India's passenger trains can be divided into two categories, one category is a variety of long-distance fast passenger trains, such as from the Indian capital New Delhi, the capital of the train sent to the states; the other is a variety of climbing and short-distance passenger trains. For the first class passenger trains, India's "real-name ticket" system. Passengers in the ticket, you need to provide your name, age, gender, home address, telephone and other basic information. To provide such information, passengers are required to produce the relevant documents and proof. If it is at the station, or sales points to buy short-haul tickets, travelers will also need to produce relevant documents, and then receive a form, fill it out Jiaoqian purchase.

In Russia, the early years before the train had already started to implement real-name system, almost all of the size of the railway station is open, and from the site has not closed the street outside the station walls, people, whether by car, do not check-in can be walked straight up to the platform beside the train. Just enter the train only when required to stand in door compartment to produce a ticket conductor on duty.

Russia's annual travel season is in the sun was shining and the weather pleasant in May to October. Russian railway authorities since January 1, 2003 began the implementation of railway passenger transport fares "seasonal fluctuations," and at the beginning of each year will be different periods of the year fluctuations in fares made public.

In Russia, the early years before the train had already started to implement real-name system, but the train here, as the air ticket, must play ticket machine in order to protect the safety of railway passenger transport and standardized. Travel by train in Russia, the need to purchase tickets with a valid identity document. Tickets are still clearly marked car's identity information, such as document type, document number, holder's name. Entering the car when the conductor is also required to produce a valid ticket and be on the train. The train is running on the way, but also checked with the conductor. Therefore, in Russia, certainly not a "cattle Party" ticket reselling the case, the train operating in good order.

In Southeast Asia, Thailand, the ticket is a kind of easy to implement the "semi-real-name system", but also to the holiday season, tickets still lower prices. In Thailand, buy train tickets to go to a ticketing agent point, or station. If you catch up with the relatively short supply during the holiday season, or the line, one or two days in advance tickets are necessary. However, Thailand does not appear basically dominated by ticket brokers tickets, ticket sales at high prices do. Because Thailand is selling tickets by implementing the "semi-real-name system." The so-called "semi-real-name system", that is, tickets were required to report on the passenger's real name, but do not need a newspaper ID number and passport number; passenger's name and gender are printed on the ticket will be a computer on the road in the train en route the conductor will keep check of passengers of the votes, would like to transfer tickets to go to a special window handle. Thus, while someone may buy a ticket for you, but want to buy tickets for reselling Yida money is more difficult.

In Thailand, train transport is the most ordinary people rely on taking a trip way. In the New Year, Songkran and other major holidays during the period, in order to allow people to return home festivals, Thailand, the Ministry of Communications is not only not improve the rail transport fares, but also often be implemented concessionary fares, the fares will be cut 30% to 50 %, and the poor has also been practiced free ride returning festive discounts. So, in Thailand by train, holiday train station who is also the long-Ting You order, and catch up with the "difficult to get a ticket," the phenomenon of not much.

So In addition to real-name system is to protect the railway ticket running order on the one hand, increase capacity, strengthen technical, but also to make rail transport an important aspect of modernization. For example, Japan's "Shinkansen", there are six major trunk Shinkansen technology is mature, stable operation, security, high, running 45 years, has not happened yet man-made death an accident, known as the world's most secure high-speed railway , is one of the world, train travel is one of the most stable. From Tokyo to Hakata 1175.9 kilometers of the trip, riding the fastest "Nozomi", then travel time less than 5 hours, with an average travel speed of 258 kilometers per hour.

As the trips very much, and tickets can be purchased one month in advance, so the train in Japan do not need to use the real name system will meet passenger demand. In Japan, every year there are two large-scale return home to visit relatives largest mobile, it is the Bon Festival in the summer and winter around the New Year. Rail transport is the Japanese preferred to return home to visit relatives. The Shinkansen high-speed, high-density meet the people who work in the big cities who go home the urgent need to reunite.

From an environmental point of view, due to Shinkansen vehicles, light and running in less emissions of carbon dioxide also can be said to be more environmentally-friendly. From the technical characteristics point of view, the new route using dynamic decentralized operation mode, rather than using locomotive traction. The so-called dynamic dispersion, that is, the wheels of each carriage drives have been installed in the Ministry, the train's power distributed to each carriage, so that you do not need a heavy locomotive, carriage axle load this can also be greatly reduced, not only easy-to-acceleration and deceleration and in the large slope lines to the smooth running, but also reduces noise and vibration and improve the travel comfort. In addition, reducing the pressure on the rail surface, which lowered the construction cost, and also enhance economic efficiency, and there is no noise pollution. [1]

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experimental range of the spring trial and the time

Guangzhou Railway Group Company and the Chengdu Railway Bureau in some train station, the pilot scope and timing of real-name system, as follows: pre-holiday, January 30, 2010 -- February 13, at the Guangzhou Railway Group Company in Guangzhou, Guangzhou East, Guangzhou North, Foshan, Shenzhen, Shenzhen West, Dongguan, Huizhou, Shantou 9 trial train station, the real-name system (Guangzhou-Shenzhen line of EMU trains, Kowloon-Canton through train, the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway trains except EMUs).

Festival, February 14, 2010 -3 10 days, at the Guangzhou Railway Group, Yueyang, Changsha, Zhuzhou, Hengyang, Leiyang, Chenzhou, Zhangjiajie, Jishou, Huaihua, Tongren, Changde, Yiyang, Loudi, Shaoyang , Yongzhou, xupu, Xinhua 17 pilot train station real-name system. Chengdu Railway Bureau in Chengdu, Chengdu south, Chongqing, Chongqing North, Nanchong, Florida, Guiyang, Zunyi, Neijiang, Wanzhou, Panzhihua 11 trial train station real-name system.



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