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Said that Arsenal fans in the UK like most of the social elite, white-collar

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evidence-based do?

There are what the royal family
Why Register2010-02-18 23:21:27 +0000 #2
★ ★ ★ famous Arsenal fans! ★ ★ ★


Chou En-lai - very surprised, right? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Our beloved Premier Zhou Enlai in 1976 (78 years) died when the British "Mirror" is the headline "Arsenal have lost a supporter!." Biography In this article, the introduction of Chou En-lai had spent many years in London, and follow the Arsenal!

Fidel Castro - Cuban leader

in the 93/94 season away game against Marseille, the Castro, in France, and claimed that even if their safety could not be fully guaranteed, he was watching himself at all since the 1970/71 season, when they double, has been supporting the Arsenal game!

Chris Patten (Chris Patten) - one who hates the British devils!

Former Conservative Party Chairman, the last British Governor of Hong Kong. In the radio declared that "I am also an Arsenal fan when you die"

Osama bin Laden (Osama Bin Laden)

Although the original owned by the offender of his class, but I think it is the political class is more appropriate member of the British royal family ... ...

Queen Elizabeth (her old also received some time ago the whole Arsenal team, well documented!), the Queen mother (Denis Compton's loyal fans, yes, really)

King Olav V of Norway (the former King of Norway Unfortunately, has died, our loyal fans)

Prince Harry (Prince Harry, can often see him in the East Stand)


Elvis Presley ... ...

Dido newspapers have mentioned that she was a faithful Arsenal fans. Campbell, a former girlfriend.

Casino Steel (real name is Stein Groven)

Lisa L'Anson broadcasting a station DJ,.

Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet)

The Kemps (Gary and Martin, Spandau)

John Keeble (Spandau)

Andrew Ridgeley (WHAM! Another member of the band)

Buster Bloodvessel Michelle Gayle actress, singer transformation. Where in the program showed a flagrant Arsenal support.

Kevin Costner is a fan of Henry, in January this year, he gave his birthday gift is specially flew to Highbury to watch a match Arsenal, while Demi Moore has rushed to the specially London's support for the gunmen.

Now, Arsenal fans had an addition of a heavyweight championship star - Keanu Reeves, in the UK promoting his new film when he was wonderful interpretation of the "Matrix" star went so far as talking about the football, and also for Arsenal this season slump worried.

Keanu Reeves as a Hollywood star, Keanu Reeves finished in a big production of the ghost movie "Constantine" in his arrival in England. In an interview with Britain's largest television station channel4 interview, living in London, Keanu Reeves may have been infected by a rich football atmosphere, all of a sudden stop to discuss his starring movie and begin to discuss his beloved Arsenal and football. "You say how the Arsenal in the end of the year? Last season and they're still unbeaten Premier League, playing very well it?" Keanu Reeves a look of puzzled and asked host Oliver Lee. But unfortunately, not all people are fans of England, Keanu Reeves is clearly the problem is too difficult task for the professional presenters, "I'm sorry, I really have no understanding of football."

Just as Keanu Reeves said, last season's Arsenal and bright, with 49 league games unbeaten Premiership almost broke all the records, but this year only to strive for league second consecutive 7 years with no breakthrough This result appears to be some live up to these Hollywood stars love the

Ray Davies (the Kinks)

Dave Davies (ditto)

Angus Young (ACDC)

Roger Daltrey (The Who)

Tippa Irie (Swedish dance star)

Shovel M people The percussion

Leroy Thornhill (The Prodigy)

Tony Cad Robinson Aswad bass

Graham (Blur band)

Alex (Blur band)

Skin Skunk Anansie's sexy, it is the fear of lead singer.

Gavin Rossdale (Bush lead singer)

Crispian Mills (Kula Shaker singer)

Blak Twang 1998 Nian Mobo Awards for the first one the best hiphop artist of the British. In his video filled with Arsenal home jersey last season 2002.

Clem Cattini tornado drummer (a "Telstar" in the 60's List won the title song)

Corey "destruction" (Damage) band. Their album's first single, will always be an Arsenal game comments.

Aled Jones

Pete Tong's top DJ, eccentric old man

Judge Jules (also a DJ)

Jimmy Ray (pop singer)

Ultimate Kaos them a video that is near the row at Highbury.

DJ Disciple-class American family DJ.

Matthew Good Band members of the former Matthew Good. Today has been dissolved, he formed a new band. Matthew Good Band is modeled on a sign Arsenal emblem designed their site directly join Arsenal's official website, his new band web site is the same.

Rachel Stevens (S Club 7 band member)

Bradley McIntosh (S Club 7 band member)

Paul (S Club 7)

Sharleen Spiteri Texas singer, Henry's wife.

Black Crowes drummer

Rollo of Faithless (Dido's brother)

Mark Nevin

Nicole Appleton ( "Virgin" (All Saints) band member) Neil Finn singer. He said the name of an album called "one nil" as an expression of the Arsenal's

favorite. (At that time Arsenal 1-0 Doctrine ... ...)

Tall Paul (Dance DJ)

James 'Sterling' Moss (DJ)

Gilles Peterson (DJ) When asked, "If you can kill and go unpunished, you will Shashui ? "His answer was:" Tim Sherwood. (because Vieira Fei Chan

Damien Harris (Midfield General)

Wookie "Garage" members.

Midway Still

Steve Earle country music singer.

Chris Shiflett Foo Fighters in guitarist. When recording a record, wearing a T shirt Arsenal. In a video where he is also true.

Samantha Mumba Irish R & B singer and actress. 2001-2002 season in the stands watch the game wearing a hat Arsenal (Assen satisfied that the road to the Manchester United), after scoring in the Viirto like a missile as she jumped up from his seat.

Jason Perry

Eddie Grant before returning to Guyana, he said that the only miss is that Arsenal and Tottenham competition. In an interview, he also expressed his support for Arsenal.

religious people

George Carey (Canterbury Archbishop)

Jonathan Sacks (Jewish leaders)

John Gotti Gambinos well-known leader of the offender. per month will receive a Arsenal published.

Ronnie Biggs famous Buster

Mad Frankie Fraser support Arsenal, it was not too crazy ... ...

Reg Dudley so-called "killer body"

Dave Courtney former London gangster, is said to be Vinne Jones movie roles prototype. best-selling autobiography, "Stop, I have to go," an author of the book, and in his latest work "crazy mental patients" in reference to his own gunmen complex.

Charlie Kray

Roger Levitt Levit Group, owner. notorious crook.

Robert Maxwell and I am sure I read him about his football ambitions of the words: control of his support team - Arsenal! note that this is the offender's plate ... ...

Robert Winston, Professor scientists in vitro fertilization method pioneer


Lord Marshall of Knightsbridge

Tim Angel "Angels & Bermans" clothing suppliers. UK Film Council President

Karen Millen popular designer

Erling Kagge Norwegian explorer, the first one to arrive at the South Pole alone people.

Ford Motor Co. chief executive Nick Scheele. to live in Detroit, but was born in Essex.

Hollywood actor Demi Er Moer ......
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not based on bar -



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