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fifa online2 master pointing lineup please! ! ! ! ! !

Yue Emperor on earth2010-02-18 23:11:26 +0000 #1
Existing Players

Forwards: Didier Drogba Torres Anelka Willbeck (the beginning, to Minato black card, the basic need)

Midfielders: Frank Lampard Deco S. Anderson, Nani Lennon佩特罗夫耶苏Sinawasi

Defenders: R. Dunn, W. Brown奥诺哈奈特Cordoba Bosingwa Ricardo Carvalho

Goalkeepers:切赫雅斯克Laining Ji-wen

now been using 4312, but the total feel defensive when they were each other a Bigfoot came only two left halfback, and would like to strengthen the midfield defense, would like to purchase a lumbar, (regretted the freeing of a Michael Essien Michael Ballack ah, otherwise we do not have intertwined, and although fake but thought they would go up, and hey..), I do not know whether the incumbent, sets team play. Consult a master of my lineup and lumbar problems for help! ! ! ! ! ! ! Most grateful! ! ! ! ! ! (Today mind to buy a hot Zhang Gattuso, is also considering Prey Heath, Michael Essien's too expensive ... ... regret ah.. Preferably not too expensive because it would like to Minato card black card, Thank you a)

passion scalpel2010-02-18 23:17:03 +0000 #2
little feature of the Conference of the Bar Deco, Nani Lennon 2 election 1. 2 goalkeeper enough.

Frank Lampard Drogba Torres Anderson S. Petrov / Yesu Si Navas Lennon

Cordoba Dunn Naitebulang


lumbar Frank Lampard, Anderson can play ah, Canada Tussaud kind of meat grinder unless 41212, single lumbar.

Do not buy a star and now the mainstream is the Silver package
liry19872010-02-18 23:34:59 +0000 #3
lumbar Gattuso is too short, when a long pass opponents. . . Recommended for the power-type tall lumbar
o SU Xiao-Lai o2010-02-19 00:32:41 +0000 #4
lumbar referral fee Lenny ah



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