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Who hat-trick in history who is the third highest number of second it. . .

00totti002010-02-19 00:11:21 +0000 #1

Taishan a product Tong2010-02-19 00:14:34 +0000 #2
Most hat-trick in the history of world football is Pele 92 times

should be the most active 18 times, followed by Ronaldo, Filippo Inzaghi 17
dxjshiwo2010-02-19 00:39:57 +0000 #3
previous not say, because the evolution of defense systems, and now into the hat-trick more difficult than before.

Previous Pele, Puskas, Eusebio, Di Stefano, Moeller, who estimated that no less into the hat-trick.

But we are talking about active players, Romario if not retired, then estimated that he should be the most active players with only a hat-trick of the Bar

Aside from the old Luo, and some cattle into the hat-trick of good people, and For example Crespo, played almost every year again: the effectiveness of each Crespo hat-trick of Serie A club are in Milan is January 7, 2005 pairs of Lecce 5 to 2, in the Lazio more, 2001/02 season there twice, on the Verona and Brescia. The effectiveness of Parma, respectively, in 1997, Vicenza, Juventus in 1999, when a hat-trick

there is Ruud van Nistelrooy, can not remember the specific number of times, and only remember him once this year in Sitka four goals

previous Manchester United seemed to have a ball into the four.

Henry hat-trick against Inter Milan had entered in the Premiership there are a few

Batty, the World Cup two consecutive hat-trick, scored twice in Serie A butty is also very alarming number of times, but the number of hat-trick does not seem to count any more than

Micha hat-trick ball is also considered a rarity in

Dutch league seems to be very strong man, but it does not belong to five major league, led the European famed Gold Shoe calculations 1.5 balls be considered a ball, so the real strongman does not seem to be a lot

there are the stronger ones for?



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