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Now the former Bayern striker Elber where? Retirement begin?

Pirates2010-01-20 08:01:15 +0000 #1
Bayern striker Elber before what now? Retirement begin?
shpd7132010-01-20 08:11:27 +0000 #2
elbow has announced his retirement at the end of 2006, due to long-standing ankle injury healed injury, coupled with his father's sudden turn of events. This 34-year-old Brazilian striker, when the Cruzeiro for his career, ended

Elber first landed in Europe is half-baked Grasshoppers in Switzerland, and then he came to the Bundesliga, joined Stuttgart, and Balakov, Bobic one became known at the time the Bundesliga's "Troika", in 1997, Albers joined Bayern from entering the peak of his career, in 1997 to 2004 7 years, Elber helped Bayern won the Bundesliga title four times, three times German Cup titles and one Champions League title. In addition, he has also won a German Cup in Stuttgart champion, in the Bundesliga, he attended a total of 260 games and 133 goals to enter.

August 2004, Elber transfer Lyon, also entered from the end of his career, then he has to follow the French champions Olympique Lyon won in 2004, but in December 3, 2003, he injured has become a turning point in his career Since then, Albers began to decline soon after he was abandoned in Lyon, and then he returned to the Bundesliga, joining Monchengladbach, but difficult to continue its previous glory, he only Bundesliga for Borussia Moenchengladbach in the Bundesliga appearances over four times, culminating in the winter of 2005 left to return to Brazil, China, joined Cruzeiro, he took part in 40 games Cruzeiro, and into 18 balls, which became his last glory.

August 8, 2006, Giovane Elber returned to Munich, joined Bayern in a specially arranged for his farewell match, he was Bayern club and fans a warm welcome. His final professional game in the September 24, when the 0-0 league draw with Cruzeiro in Fortaleza, and then, Giovane Elber, unfortunately, an ankle injury, has been among the rest, until now there is no cured, and Giovane Elber had also announced plans to retire in December this year.

However, the sudden death of his father's plans to change the Elber, the Brazilian decided to advance that end announced his retirement in order to have more time to his family. For life after retirement, Elber time being has no plans to, but this year he participated in a farewell match when Bayern Bayern manager Uli Hoeness has said the arrangements will give him a job, so perhaps in the near future, we will Bayern can also see that this "happy bird," the.

Elbow Giovanni Elber Giovane Elber

Nationality: Brazil

Date of Birth: July 23, 1972

Height: 180cm

Weight: 80kg

Role: Striker

pitch No.: 9
, who played for Team: VfB Stuttgart (1994-97) Bayern Munich (1997-2003) Grasshoppers (1991-94) Lyon (2003-2005) AC Milan (1991) Borussia (2005-2006)

Honors: In 1994 Swiss Cup winner (Grasshoppers), 1997 German Cup winner (Stuttgart), 1997 UEFA Cup winner (Stuttgart), 1999,2000,2001,2003, the German Football League champions (Bayern), 1998,1999,2000 the German League Cup winner (Bayern Munich), 1998,2000,2003 FA Cup in Germany (Bayern Munich), 2001 European Champions Cup and Toyota Cup winner (Bayern Munich)

03 season, the Bundesliga's top scorer

Technical Features : Elber is characterized by individuals against the ability, excellent dribbling skills, power good, power of big shot at the front to capture the awareness of good fighters, in a variety of difficult conditions to complete action shot. Even more valuable is that he has a Brazilian players apart from the technology, but also with the German player's self-discipline and team spirit. He was only in absolute certainty can win this match only after the floor to play some dazzling dribbling tricks.

Giovanni De Sousa Elber July 1972 23 was born in Londrina (Londrina), at 5-year-old Londrina, Brazil, when they receive formal systematic training club, and Under this little-known stayed until 1991, the Italian AC Milan team found. However, in the heyday of AC Milan did not boast a chance to show him, for which he had been leased to the Grasshoppers of Switzerland, in the "exile" in the past three seasons, Giovane Elber in the 1993-94 season to help grass grasshopper won the Swiss Cup champion. But even Albers, his talent did not receive title to the owner of AC Milan recognition, precisely at this time far away in Stuttgart, Germany, offered an olive branch to his team. Giovane Elber has long ago lost patience and the right of AC Milan, will soon apply for a transfer completed his formalities.

Joined Stuttgart involved in German football, soccer can be said to Elber turning point in his career, he and Bulgarian Balakov, Bobic have formed the "iron triangle offense" Megatron German football, and for a time on Bayern Munich Bundesliga veteran traditionally strong teams such as poses a great threat. Giovane Elber has become a time of high demand on the transfer market at this time I am afraid that AC Milan decision-makers will definitely regret the original decision. 1996-97 season to help Stuttgart after the exalted German Cup champion, Bayern Munich, Stuttgart, spent huge sums of money split up the offensive combination of July 1, 1997 the official transfer Elber joined Bayern.

Then he became an indispensable Bayern Munich's main striker, in 1998-2000, two seasons, he scored 13-14 goals each to help Bayern Munich, Bundesliga champions reelected. And in 1997-98 and the 1999-00 season to help Bayern Munich two seasons dominating the German Cup championship team. However, in 1999 it may well be a lifetime Elber and win, "triple crown" is the beginning of the season the team set goals, while Albers and team-mate is paid a great effort, but suffered the fate of torture Bayern has worked in FA Cup and Champions League final defeat to make the dream come to naught. The Champions League final because of a knee injury is a life-long regret Elber.

Albers is the Bundesliga's best foreign striker ever. He can not enter the Brazilian national team, only shows that Brazil's football talent wasted more than enough to be sounded.

Giovane Elber has been playing in the Bundesliga to fight for a decade, the main striker as Bayern won four Bundesliga titles, a European Champions Cup, a UEFA Cup title, a Toyota Cup, two German Cup Champion. He and Kahn, Michael Ballack was the main force of Bayern's ironclad.

2002/03 season, he had 21 goals and tied for Bochum Christiansen top scorer of the season. In fact, since access to the Bundesliga, the Elber stable condition, and almost every season is a strong competitor striker, in the 252 field goals in 132 Bundesliga games, averaging two games are at least scored, yes Bundesliga 40-year history as one of the most outstanding striker.

Albers a stadium in the Bundesliga stars is the brightest star on the ten years he has been a flickering light. Of that in the 1995-1996 season, Giovane Elber and Bobic, Balakov formed the "magic triangle" invincible, is the Bundesliga in the nineties there have been the best offensive combination.

At the Bayern long-term effectiveness, the Elber gradually produced on the environment here is tired of the psychological, coupled with the club coaches and senior continually growing contradiction. Elber finally in 2004 moved to Olympique Lyon team, but due to injuries and other reasons, Albers little how several games for Lyon. In the silence of a year before the start of the 2005 season, he returned to his familiar Bundesliga, but this time he joined the team is Borussia Monchengladbach. With his current physical condition, technology and experience, perhaps he will put his record in the Bundesliga's history further.

As the age increases, Elber's position at Bayern gradually become less stable. Young Pizarro and Santa Cruz's main place of Elber launched a powerful impact. Summer of 2003, Ma Kai, the arrival of La Liga top scorer has become Elber leaving the fuse. Younger team is committed to Bayern, helplessly watching as the Brazilian team won numerous honors went to France to join Lyon.

While to France, but Albers and Bayern's Food of Love did not cut off. Perhaps God also Bayern's relentless anger in November 2003, Giovane Elber headed Lyon thrust backwards in Munich for the Champions League qualify from the group desperate struggle. Giovane Elber scored for Lyon a very important goal. After the goal, Elber, and did not celebrate, but the Olympic Stadium in Munich sway in quiet tears. At that moment, people will be touched by the stone.

Albers did not stay long in France, high wages and are not a high scoring rate in Lyon makes his veiled criticisms. Returning to their roots, in 2005, Albers decided to leave France and return to the Bundesliga he dreamed. He chose the former Borussia wealthy, 70 years Bayern's deadly foe. If the next season, when Elber able to score against Bayern, who did not know that he will be the tears of catharsis or a roar.

Brazilian striker Giovane Elber has finally decided to pitch with the battle for many years to say goodbye. In August 2006, this was held in Munich in the Bundesliga legendary striker his farewell match. Match the two sides Bayern Munich and Munich 1860. In the interval of years later, 34-year-old Elber of Bayern again donned the jersey.

Farewell match before the start, which can hold 69000 people packed Allianz Arena. Albers was awarded the club before the game players and Medal of Honor, this is the club to make a great contribution to the newly established and successful players. The next game to win 3-0 in Munich ended in 1860.

Elbow has helped Bayern wins four league titles, 3 Cup, 1 European Champions Cup, a time Toyota Cup. He is still two goals for the club record holder in the 169 games he scored 92 Bundesliga goals, and scored 25 goals in the Champions League tournament. Bayern Munich and Stuttgart, he scored a total of 133 goals. Bayern Munich's six seasons is the peak of his career Elber, where he grew to a world-class players.

97-98 season, had just arrived to the Albers and Bayern champion not found with the sense of a relatively slow performance, when Julius Caesar created a miracle of Kaiserslautern, Bayern only second place.

98-99 season was a brilliant time break Bayern start Hitzfeld took over Bayern to make the team a new look. League first round away to VfL Wolfsburg, it is by virtue of Albers in the second half goals made the final stage of good start. Bayern can say it is an exciting year, while the protagonist formal budding Elbert. 99 years in February before the game, uncle kept a high scoring rate, and frequently shocking for. May be precisely this time, God gave the uncle a heavy blow. In a league with Hamburg, Elber was the other goalkeeper injuring his knee early end of that near-perfect season. Less uncle Bayern, the final stage of set back Nuo Kapu, behind the European Champions League runner-up.

99-2000 season, recovering from serious injuries, the performance of law-abiding, Giovane Elber is still the best choice on the Bayern striker for Bayern to obtain the domestic league cup double in the year set Hammadi credit.

00-01 season, Bayern regain after an absence of 25 years, the European Champions League title, although not in the final goal, but Bayern win Elber is still the biggest player in that year, it was his 1 / 4 final and semi-finals on the outstanding performance to help Bayern rounded out the final out of the success of Manchester United Real Madrid. Many media reports at that time the title is: When making a rallying cheer when Elber, another a giant fell to his feet.

01-02 season, Bayern into a trough, and third-line combat without a harvest, uncle are also some less than satisfactory performance. Elbert defeated again in 2002 World Cup Brazilian national team, depressed uncle announced it would permanently withdraw from the national team.

02-03 season, Bayern regain championship Elber also by virtue of their excellent performance in the year to obtain the Bundesliga's top scorer. Surprising is that this has become the final honor in his Bayern.

In 2003 autumn, the team is buying the Dutch Ma Kai will be sold to Lyon, France, Giovane Elber. Brazilian, where flies and viable, and later fought in the Bundesliga team Borussia has been injury-ridden uncle no longer get my life back then, when the state of Bayern, eventually had to return to Brazil to join Cruzeiro.

With Bayern's 92 Bundesliga goals in 24 Champions League goals and 15 goals the German Cup, Bayern Albers became the greatest scorer in history, one, he helped his team to four Bundesliga titles, two FA Cup in Germany. And helping the team win the 2001 Champions League title and the year's Toyota Cup.

Stadium outside Elber is a person who likes a joke and have a happy family, but his wife and to follow its going to Munich, said the family man monthly calls to family members as far away as Brazil, phone bills as high as 2500 Deutsche Mark. He also works for a very caring person and in his home so his name opened a named charity.

Uncle's career in Bayern draw a satisfactory conclusion, but his football Ya body is still continued, he will have in the Brazilian domestic football for his beloved to continue to struggle, and perhaps when he is not doing the day of the athletes he really, as he put it to become a staff member of Bayern. We look forward to see us again in the Allianz happy birds that day.

Beijing early morning of August 9, Bayern Munich 1860 teams with a "Munich derby war", but history is not the 202 games the previous derby's city showdown meaning, but for the generation of Bayern banner striker Elber's testimonial, perhaps too dignified to bid farewell to the legendary striker. After that he will bid farewell to return to the motherland to join Cruzeiro!



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