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Dalian Shide Youth training systems are good players apart from what?

Dragon River man2010-02-19 03:10:55 +0000 #1

Chunhua Rain in Jiangnan2010-02-19 03:18:23 +0000 #2
Dalian Shide in 2000 formally took over from football. Then they would have seen from 2000 onwards. Youth Training Systems Training is simply out of good players not to mention, because where do them the results. As for some of the more powerful such as the 85 generation, Feng Xiao Ting Dong Zhao Xuri and 89-year term, and Zhao Peng-Wang Xuan Wang slightly, among others. As for the women's football representatives is Ma Xu.

In fact, the reserve talents Dalian Shide has been to several other clubs than Tongcheng echelon, the fans in Dalian insiders know that many people were. since it set aside 81 years after the beginning or the strongest year on slipping .83 Dalian Prudential (later sold to Shenyang Jinde at that time) .87 years of Dalian Railway (now Liaoning dial that person) .89 When the number of years, the most powerful railroad Yi-teng, and now in the expedition in the B league. There are some powerful people who, for various of reasons go into exile, it is to marvel at.



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