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Football Introduction

disposable foot ball football is mainly two teams at the same venue within the sport of attack and defense projects. An exciting football game, attracting thousands of spectators, it has become an important content of television programs, news reports relating to football, accounting for all the world's press, the coverage in today's football has become a people's lives an indispensable component. According to incomplete statistics, the world often participate in the competition's team of about 80 million units, registered about 40 million players, of which about 10 million people in professional athletes.

Football confrontational strong athletes in the competition rules to allow the use of a variety of actions, including running, emergency stop, turn around, fell to the ground, jumping, crash, etc. engaged in a heated battle with rivals. Game a long time, the audience more big playing field, is less than any other sport by the. Traditional Football is 20 6 and 12 5-gon-gon composed of a total of 32 skin. Football game is divided into 11 system, 7-a-and 5-a-. Ages are u15, u17, u19 Olympic team, and adult and other

[Edit this paragraph] the origin of the development of

Soccer is an ancient sport, has a long history. Originated in ancient China as a ball game "Cuju" and later spread to Europe through the Arabs developed into a modern football. Therefore, the home of football in China. It is said that Greeks and Romans had been engaged in the Middle Ages before a football game. In a rectangular space on the ball in the middle of the white line, with their feet kicked the ball rolls to the other sites, the time it was called this game a "哈巴斯托姆." The origin of modern soccer in the United Kingdom, is derived from the 12th century, and Denmark took place before and after their war, after the war, the British soldiers to see the head on the ground in Denmark, the Danish soldiers in the United Kingdom has a very hated, then kicking up silt to the That head. To the early 19th century, football in Europe and Latin America at that time a number of countries, particularly in the United Kingdom is already quite popular capitalism. Until 1848, the sport's first rules of the form of a text, "Cambridge Rules" was born.

So-called "Cambridge Rules", that is early in the 19th century London, Oxford and Cambridge established between the game rules. At that time there were 11 individuals in each team match. Because at that time lived in school dormitories each with 10 students and a teacher, so they are 11 people from each side competition between dormitories and the dormitory, now 11, who is a football game then began. October 26, 1863, the British Football Association in England, held a very important meeting in the history of modern football. Return Journey race drafted, but some of the provisions of the rules are from a far cry from today's. At that time there is such an example: When the ball between the goal posts in the above space to enter or cross, no matter how high, if not by hand-thrown, hit, transport into, are considered to win a ball. At that time the player's position and is also different from today's Lineup: Each team a goalkeeper, a defender, an avant-garde and eight forwards. Rules soon Lineup change: a goalkeeper, two defenders, three avant-garde and five forwards. So play the game player is 11 person.

However, numerous data indicate that the emergence of Chinese ancient football earlier than in Europe, history is more ancient. China's ancient football known as the "Cuju" or "step on Ju", "instant success" and "tread" are kicking the meaning of "Ju" is the name of the ball. "Cuju" first recorded in the "Shi Ji Qi bandit up to write", the Han dynasty scholar Liu Xiang, "Do not Catalog" and the Chinese Yan Shi worked, "Han Mei Sheng Biography" were recorded. To the Tang and Song Dynasties, "Cuju" activities have been very popular, becoming an elegant palace among the activities. In July 1958, the former FIFA president Joao Havelange had come to China, Dr. said: soccer originated in China. Of course, due to the limitations of the feudal society of ancient China Cuju activities eventually did not develop into a "fair competition" for the principle of the modern football. This qualitative leap in capitalism, the British completed.

【Han Cuju】

Han and Tang dynasties in ancient China, the development of football's most prosperous period of the race developed into a direct confrontation. By the Tang Dynasty (AD Liu Yiba Zhi Jiu ○ seven years), Cuju ball used, instead of hair from the inside to fill their mouths blowing by people at the same time with two goal instead of "Ju room." To the Song Dynasty (AD Jiu Liu ○ to 1279), Cuju has even developed a dual-goal and single goal of the contest, there are known Qiyun clubs or the ball club will organize a round there, and used the ball from human mouth inflatable, developed to boost the morale with the pump, more and closer to modern football.

Han Cuju is the training of soldiers means for developing a more comprehensive system. Such as specialized courts set up to provide for the east-west rectangular, each with six symmetrical at both ends of the "Ju domain" also known as "Ju Room", each manned by one person. Space surrounded by walls. Competition is divided into two teams, offense and defense each other, to the number of rooms scored the other Ju decide.

After the initial popularity in the Han Dynasty, Tang and Song Dynasties Cuju activity reached, and even the location of the division of labor according to the court style of play. Tang Cuju have a variety of ways, with the number of times the ball game summit "hit Ju", there is the middle of hanging space network, similar to the Wangshizuqiu's "Bust", many people involved in Pinqiang a "leap Ju", as well as the established goal of the game, each team in this way have a certain number and a fixed position to provide that only players playing in his position, can not be moved.

In early 2004, FIFA confirmed that football originated in China, "Cuju" is a well-documented as early as football activities. "Warring States" and the "Historical Records" is the earliest record Cuju literature classics, the former describes the more than 2300 years ago, the Spring and Autumn period, capital Qi Linzi (now Shandong Zibo) epidemic Cuju activities, while the latter records, Cuju was the training of soldiers, soldiers will examine the way physical ( "Ta Ju, potential soldiers also, so practicing samurai, is also known to have Material"), the world's first soccer world records selected out of China Association for world record.

【Song】 ago Cuju profiles

"Cuju," the term was first given in the "Records of the Historian Qin Su biography," Su Qin Linzi lobby Xuan has described: "Linzi is very rich and real, its people are all blowing pole, play the zither , Taju person. "tread" means "take time", kick the meaning. "Ju", the ball, that is, the ancient football. Han Dynasty's "Xijing Miscellanies," "Salt and Iron", "Cuju new book," "Do not Liu Xiang recorded "have on the Cuju documented. Sanguoliangjin Northern and Southern Dynasties, the Cuju of learning is still popular is not bad. Tang Dynasty, Cuju is still a very popular sport, Du Fu, a poem which reads:" Ten years Kan Ju will be much child , Wan Li swing customs the same. "But, there was a great development. There are three:

(1) With an inflatable ball:" the fact that class Yuan Song, "contains:" Yan Shigu Note bud domain Kick Ju Huo Qubing Cloud: 'Ju in whom skin is really to hair, kick step on the opera. 'Yan said that Ju is the case, to the late Tang Dynasty had a different carry on. "Xu Jian," beginners mind ":" this Cuju Yue opera Pool. Knot of hair fibers with the ancient, today with the skin, with a closed cell for li Shi Qi of the tread. "
(2) the establishment of the goal:" Book of General "" kick the ball cap began in the Tang, two tall bamboo plant, high-Shu Zhang, network network is scheduled to last for the door to degrees ball; the ball at about 2 friends in order to angle the outcome of , so why not change the time tonight's Ju? "
(3) The style of play and variety: Double goal style of play: Chinese Zhong discredited" balloon Fu "There are documented. A single goal style of play: From the" Cuju map "can be reflected glimpse. No goal style of play: One person or several people Individual kicks, called the fight Ju; two pairs of kicks is called Bust; three or more games were played as households, such as the three farm households, four households in the market.

【The first documented fans】

The item at the Western Han Dynasty is the first documented fans, but his experience is very unfortunate. "Shi Ji Bian Que Cang public Tales" record: Chunyu meaning item at famous doctor doctor, admonished him not to over-exertion, but the entry Division do not listen to, still go out to play, the results of hematemesis death, which makes the items turn out to be the world's history to be investigated on the first one fanatical "fan."

【history of the first starter list】

Southern Song Dynasty, "Wu Lin old thing "has been listed in the" building the ball 32 "and race and location of the list when the two teams:" Left-Jun 16 by: ball head Zhang, Rocker number one pity, is embrace Zhu election, the first to rely on Ze - , the left pole net Ding Quan, the right pole network Zhang, San-li HU Chun, etc.; Youjun 16 people: Ball Jane Lee, who had skipped the ball Zhu Zhen, is embrace the election Zhu, vice embrace Zhang Ning, the left pole net Xu Philippines, with the right pole networks Wang, San-li Chen Jun, etc.. "This is probably the first in the history of football" starter list "of.

【football history】

BC 307, that is, the Warring States Period , King Wuling of Zhao reform, implementation of the "Hu Fu riding and shooting," Zhao have learned to horseback archery. zhaowang often took his cronies out of the city on horseback, strolling be reckoned with. on the 1st, came to a forest, saw a hare in the forest number only, the king Jinkou opened, "grasping the living", gradually broken down into smaller four-way, and the arrest of Hop do not want to scare among the hare Wang Chong Zhicuan, from the horses have fled the flat cracks, nothing, exclaimed the crowd shook his head. an advisor suddenly shines and tried to offer advice, "King, this Circuit pig is very interesting, we may use the ball instead of rabbits, can not see every day, to play the palace. "" Good idea "zhaowang much appreciated," This thing will give you the full responsibility. "As a result, the sport will be in China, was born. But at that time still belongs to horseback exercise, called" Cuju. "
To the the Han Dynasty, with the game exclusively for soccer, known as "Ju City," Ju City, rectangular, 6 Ju at both ends of each room, was on hole-shaped, symmetrical with each other, the venue is surrounded by walls. The Tang Dynasty was Cuju prosperous period of activity during this period, not only has made significant progress, but also the beginning of football exports, the first landing place of the United Kingdom.

Cuju this as a complete product exports, then the traffic, because they are developed, means of transport is very backward, after several months of long-distance trek, Cuju arrival in the UK, the horses have been exhausted, leaving a ball. but it is such a ball, the United Kingdom is still regarded as treasures, only for the royal family's proprietary campaign to prevent people enjoy this entertainment.

11 century, the Danes invaded England. One day, when England, who dug the battlefield, occasionally dug up a few Danish skull. think of the Danish invasion of the evil, which is extremely England anger, directed at their bitter lift knee kick to the skull and crossbones, Xie anger aside, feels that there is the fun of playing football. As a result, the battlefield dug more and more people in England participated in the play "ball" in the ranks of . This patriotic act touched the king of England, in order to reward the people, the king ordered the British royal family, football on an open civil society. quickly spread in popular sport, and become a popular sports and entertainment events.

12 century, the British began to have soccer. competition is entertainment, twice a year, generally held between the two cities. chairpersons throwing a ball into the air the game even started. The two sides will be a bundle of the previous and shout, kicking and they hold, which can only ball scored the other's downtown, which even the victory of one side. If the ball half-way house residents fleeing into the athletes also swarm rushed to Cookin kicked, often to the house smashes things Zade, owner had itself to blame bad luck. pedestrians hit the ball roll past, will suffer a flying Henghuo. Therefore, in time, match the one hand, people have to avoid disaster, would close our doors until the end of the match, before resuming normal. This game has been strong public opposition, the British Government has a ban on the next: to require the open space on the football match to be conducted into the downtown area are severe penalties, so he appeared in a special soccer.

October 1863 26, set up in London, the world's first football organization - England Football Association and to harmonize the rules of modern football formally established.

feet in ancient China to play called "Cuju." As early as 2,000 years ago, The Spring and Autumn Period, there is a Cuju game. the Western Han Dynasty, when the construction of the "Ju City", exclusively for racing purposes. Cuju activities prosperous Tang Dynasty was the period, there has been filling gas with the ball instead of the past, filled with the hair thing The ball, known as the "gas blanket", and with the goal instead of Ju room. while in the West, after the 10th century, France, Italy, Britain and some other countries have a football game. to the 15 end of the century has been "soccer," said, later evolved into the modern football. October 26, 1863, the British set up in London, the world's first football organization - the British Football Association, and uniform rules of football, people called this day as the birth of modern football day. The development of a total of 14 rules of soccer, which is the basis for today's football rules. From 1900, the first two Olympic Games start, the game was listed as an official Olympic sport, but it does not allow professional athletes to participate. 1904 5 21, FIFA was established in Paris. 1930, held once every four years, the World Football Championship (also known as the World Cup), game lifted the restrictions on professional athletes. Since then, the increasing development of modern football.

Legend in the 11th century, England and Denmark have had a war between the end of the war, the British cleared the ruins of war in the Danish invaders found a skull, out of resentment, they use their feet to kick the the skull, a group of children met with it also came to play, but they found the skull kicked up quick-fix, so cattle inflatable bladder to replace it - this is the birth of modern football.

in medieval England, football to become one of many young people are enthusiastic about activities. They chased the ball on the narrow streets, often to end it passed to other people's window on the street. So the king of England had ordered a ban on playing football. from the 12th century to the 16th century, the king of England has four issued a "football the ban. "However, due to the special charm of football, the ban also failed to make it die.

1835, in Sheffield, England set up the world's first football club. In 1863, in the United Kingdom also established the first Football Association. Since then, organized, under a certain rule-bound sport began to spread from the United Kingdom in Europe, spread throughout the world. In the 19th century, football has become quite common in Western European countries. In the first session of the 1896 Olympic Games, it will be football as the event, the results of the Danish team to 9:0 victory over Greece, becoming the first Olympic soccer title.

1904, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland in seven countries of the Football Association In France the establishment of the International Football Federation, and the selection of French ghaylan, as the first Chairman of the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

[Edit this paragraph] soccer become the world's first sports grounds

1, the essence of sports: football itself is a collection of the characteristics of human movements, athletes between the sudden start, competing to run ball, like a sprinter; goalkeeper at the next vertical jump, horizontal flutter Cepu, like jumping projects; one of those athletes, and good flexibility Daoguajingou, diving hoisting, like gymnastics; reasonable collision between two athletes, but also a bit like rugby to show strength and beauty ... ...

2, mass: the participants do not ask for football is an important reason. Kick football player, height Feishou problems are large, unlike other sports. such as rugby, certainly a small block header to eat largeDeficit; basketball is "long" and their world. The football is different, disturbing the world to do all the children provides a "All-Star Dream" opportunities.

3 and unpredictable nature: the contingency of the results of football matches is a fanatical soccer fans around the world caused by an important reason. Because in the football world, there is no absolute teams. Manchester United may be an unknown second division or even an amateur team "toppled." Brazil's players have been piled up during football matches played at the Olympics were still immature when the Japanese team win. In 1966, football "Third World" of North Korea's team beat the Italian team had entered the World Cup quarterfinals. Therefore, in football, the less the last moment, you never know what results.

4, Guy: football Yingzisashuang Hunks of you contributed to the sport as "the world's first movement" can not be overlooked causes. The reason is very simple and crush his face of worship were all desperately ran to a game for (mainly watch others), then do not worry that their boyfriends can do? Even less interested in football, men have to follow his girlfriend ran to the stadium to see live in girlfriend, do not let her by those who golf course "glamorous" is the most important thing away.

5, the environment: the fans like the diners, there is a coveted football feast, but "eat" the atmosphere is better. Lively, atmosphere, spectacular, these pitches are all in place. Hot and sultry than badminton hall, table tennis tables than a small one, just how wide the pitch looks magnificent and exciting way.

6, Freedom: a few tens of thousands of fans along with Manju booing, bustling. To be honest, if the ballpark to be quiet, then who would go to ballpark.

7, controversial: "Football's biggest attraction is its controversial nature." Said the old man had a vision of a forward-looking words. The old man is a former FIFA President Joao Havelange. Yes, if the football is a very fine "dead", it is mechanical, then football will lose its great charm. It is precisely because referees are human, may be miscarriage of justice may be taking bribes to manipulate matches, etc., have a massive controversy and more people's attention.

[Edit this paragraph] Sports Features

there is so much of football's charm lies not only in football breeds a wealth of content, but also with the characteristics of football related.

A, integrity. Football games to play each team from 11 entries. 11 pitch ideas, actions should be consistent, to attack the full-motion, full-proof code, the overall stronger sense of the war. Only the formation of the overall offensive and defensive, in order to obtain the initiative in the game and good results of the competition.

2, the overall situation of sex. Football matches large number of people, how to make good use of space and the number is a key outcome. The two sides using effective mass cut, smooth layers of defense with a breakthrough, through the space, the mobilization of large-scale transfer of the ball and try to reach the other side to find loopholes or torn from the line of defense purposes. At the same time Football League season is very long, very heavy competition, a rational allocation of physical fitness, proper rotation of the players are the holistic elements of the entire season.

3, fine nature. Football crude and refined, big man is very wise. Emphasis on individual dribbling technique delicate place, the timing properly, and sometimes a few steps short period of time difference or the distance will result in a breakthrough pass from even a single goal! The two sides not only in the soccer players on the confrontation, there are continuing to battle the psychological: petty harassment, large movements caused by pressure on the other side of fear, verbal provocation angered others, a critical moment the ball under high pressure (such as the penalty when the shooter and the goalkeeper's mentality, extra time, whether they can remain sober) are football Aspect of the office and can chew.

4, confrontational. Soccer is a competitive antagonistic project, the two sides battle for control of the race the right to reach the ball scored the other goal, but let the ball into the goal the purpose of this side to start the cut and thrust of battle, especially in the two penalty area near the time and space, competition is fierce unusual, exciting. A high level of competition, the two sides fell to the ground due to contention and collision frequency of up to 200 times more intense confrontation can be seen.

V. variability. Soccer is a colorful technically, tactically unpredictable, the outcome is difficult to predict the outcome of the non-cyclical sport competitions using the skills and tactics when the direct interference by the other side, constraints and resistance. Skills and tactics is the spot in accordance with the specific circumstances to be used flexibly and play.

6, easy sex. Football rules of the game more concise, facilities and equipment required is not high. General football game time, the numbers of participants, venue and equipment are not subject to strict restrictions, so it is a very easy-to-fitness to carry out in a mass sport in the project.


Song-known star, playing art people organize their own groups, known as the "social circle", devoted to the promotion Cuju activities and competitions. Northern Song Dynasty Yuan Gao Qiu was born on the Association, Wang Mingqing's "After the dust Hui Lu" records, Gao Qiu superb skills, because Accompanying Huizong play, was promoted to the front of palace Duzhihuishi, which is probably the earliest known star One of the.

Song Liu Bin's "Zhongshan Poetry" is due to play and record another famous person, scholar Liu 3 complex skills superior, he knew that the prime minister likes to play small, in order to promotion or every day, and waiting at the prime minister outside the walls of House Stadium One day, until finally the ball flew over the wall, Liu picked up the ball with three complex is also the name of the ball into the Xiang Fu, in the small audience with that, he was throwing the ball in the air, kneel before the one hand, they use head, shoulders, back summit and other parts of the ball, the ball has not landed, Ding Seeing that big Yue, gave Liu an office complex 3.

From the Spring and Autumn Period to the Yuan and Ming times, Cuju through the process of development to a climax, but the Qing Dynasty, but will enter into a decline in this activity. In 1863, the modern sport was born in the United Kingdom opened a development of football, another chapter of history. The birth of modern football


1893 with viewers game

from the 8th century to the 19th century, the predecessor of modern football in various ways exist in Europe, until 1863, the first official soccer rules of the game in the United Kingdom creation, which also marked the birth of modern football.

A boy's impulse to the 19th century, football has been resumed, and some colleges in the United Kingdom carried out widely. At the time there is no uniform rules of football, competitions within the rectangular space, time, and the number of entries from the two sides provisionally agreed, passed the ball to each other under the door within the score. During this period, the University of Cambridge, Hatton Public School, New School University in Clifton has its own style of play and no one thought to be a unified football rules. At that time, the most unlucky person to be regarded as an ad hoc game of "notary mediators" who is the referee's predecessor, responsible for recording goals and to mediate disputes and controversies, but because there is no uniform rules, these mediators difficult to convince people that the total are frequently the subject of dozens of people to go after the audience and the siege.

A boy's impulse to change everything. November 21, 1823, in a game, a, William - Weber - Eisley 15-year-old boy suddenly picked up the ball by hand, holding it rushed to attack each other's space. This action was later raised questions about football rules, big controversy, people are also aware of the need to set uniform rules of football. In the debate, the party endorsed the hands and feet, and gradually develop the game for today's football, but insisting on only the side with their feet, then began to explore the rules of modern soccer and the creation of.

【Pub in the world's first movement was born】

modern football's birthday

London, Queen Street Masonic Tavern, which is the birthplace of modern football, football history, a landmark conference held here. Prior to 1848, University of Cambridge, has tried to create a branch on the rules of football, although not recognized by the public, but has become a consensus of the Uniform Rules. October 26, 1863, from 11 clubs and colleges in the London representatives of the Masonic Tavern held a meeting to develop rules and the creation of the authority of the football organization, which day is also recognized as the birthday of modern football. Was a very intense debate on the rules in order to Campbell on behalf of the small number of people insist on hands and feet, the end result of the voting 13 to 4, the modern symbol of football rules do not allow hand-passed. To this end, Campbell, who angrily left the venue, founded in 1871 after the rugby union.


Freemasonry in the Masonic Tavern in the meeting, also set up England's Football Association, and to the world's first written record of the situation in a football uniform rules, two months later, in December 1863 26, the English Football Association in Lundun Ke Lu Misha Street a small hotel meeting again, will refine the rules of football as a 14, and began traveling the country promoting football games, and now the world's first sports rage is also born. To participate in Masonic meetings 11 pubs clubs and colleges:

Forest Club (later renamed the Rangers); Jierboen; Barnes; War Office; Crusaders; Percival; Blackheath club; Kensington Wharton School; Saul Beaton; Blake Hayes School; Crystal Palace.

[Edit this paragraph] Standard Rules on the


1 Soccer Rules 1. Venue area, 150 yards in length, width less than 100 yards. On the sideline on each end line 25 yards away from the offices, to establish two sign posts.

2. Goal formed by two Li-pole away from feet.

3. With the coin right to choose the goal or the kick-off.

4. First half game time, after the exchange site.

5. When the players kick the ball when the ball with the team of any team members to stand in front of the other party than the other team members closer to the end line shall not participate in the competition contact with the ball, nor in any way impede access to other players the ball.

6. When the ball has been kicked out of the sidelines was a dead ball, from the other side in place of the ball out of bounds to play a direct admission, the resumption of play.

7. When a team get the ball kicked out of the other end of line, the other party of any player who should be able to get the ball in the vertical side line ball 25 yards Department issued a free kick.

8. When the passed the ball to when the team is not in each other's ball behind the end line.

9. If the ball falls after the end line and sideline beyond the sign post when a free kick should be 25 yards away from the end line at hair.

10. When a player kicks, the same team members shall not be in between him and the other end line, and the other players can not stand within 10 yards away from him.

11. Players choose to play any ball in any way.

12. The ball from between the two pole or from a height during the top of the unlimited pass through a ball count wins.

13. In the game in progress, can be used any part of the body contacts the ball, but not by hand, arm, shoulder support, batting.

14. All is fair impact on legitimate, but prohibit the use of carrying young, pushing, tripping off their feet, or noise.

The original rules of the formal announcement by the England Football Association president published in the (BELIS LIFE) magazine. Three years after the Football Association supplementary provisions, the goal height of six yards, the width of eight yards, one way or another piece of rope between the two columns, as the goal height.



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