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Inadvertent errors in the most football player who is the ball?

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149 own goal

In Madagascar, the league recently broke an astonishing world record, defending champion team 149:0 Adama's score sweep opponents, but even more the surprise is that the 149 goals all came from opponent's own goal, which is a high level of competition in world soccer history as the highest score broke the record. Local time last Friday, Madagascar radio reported this alarming incident, the defending league champions in Madagascar Adama team match with the SOE, the SOE coach La Tesa La Zhaka due to the Duty of serious dissatisfaction with the referee, so SOE team members to take to their door kicked in extreme measures to protest, and this play is actually 149, of which 108 for the team's goalkeeper Ravalomanana committed. Adama team reported that all the players can do is just stand ground confused daze, just sit and witness to their own goal sadistic opponents. Perhaps to add some new ideas for the Olympic team later in the "shooting method" has done some adjustments, they use a variety of positions, or header, or kicking, dribbling the process also appears very sense of rhythm , or if high winds, or stroll, only one objective, which is truly extra points for the opponent. The team was league champion last season, Madagascar, and is surprised to enter the African Champions League this season, the second round, while Adama team last week won the league title this season.

Eventually winning party is called AS A Dema team, but 149 goals is not a foot from AS A Dema players, all of the goals all came from the losing - the Olympic team have created Emine . In other words, a party dedicated to the defeat 149 opponents own goal.

It was a shock the competition, when the head coach of the Olympic Emine Tesar拉特斯曼德Leise La La Zhaka in the game the same as the value of referee a dispute over the results of the Olympic players for Emine The purpose of vent frantically stormed the door on this side. Every time your lap from kick-off, the team players to their own goal line tidy Nushe, one after the other goal for the players Dai Li when the church, but the referee has no end game, more than 149 end 0 -- Football in the history of the world's first disparity score was born.

Soccer Top Ten Oolong: Milan undercover Materazzi in the world since ancient times, a wave

the most deadly blunder: Escobar

1994 World Cup group match, Colombia, 1 to 2 lost to the United States. In this game, Colombia Houweiaisi Korba accidentally score an own goal, and this goal and also let them miss the World Cup 16 matches. After returning, Escobar suffered numerous accusations. July 2, 1994, Escobar was the fans in the bar the door fired 12 shots at the end were killed. And that's just because he had a mind to enter the "fatal," the own goal.

The most crazy Oolong: Aimierni team

the humble African island of Madagascar, for us to offer the most incredible crazy oolong. October 31, 2002, Madagascar league, defending champions, Adama 149 to beat Aimierni than 0. It is worth noting that this is actually 149 goals were from the team's own goal Aimierni. As the coach of La Tasa La Zhaka Aimierni and the main referee a dispute Aimierni players then began their "suicidal" behavior. They serve numerous times from lap and then directly into their own goal, a situation repeated 149 times. Later, Elmini team would like to apply for up to an own goal and even the world's Guinness Book of Records.

The most long-standing Oolong: kinnaird

This is a historical record of the earliest own goal in 1877 FA Cup final, Rangers goalkeeper kinnaird the ball in the fighting and at a take-off into its own goal, the referee announced the end goals effectively. Although the Rangers finally defeated the University of Oxford to win, but the history of the first own goal been permanently recorded in history.

The most ugly blunder: Ecker Adorno

1998 Tiger Cup group stage the final round, Indonesia and Thailand have already qualified for the case of complacency. In order to avoid the host run into Vietnam, the two teams are thinking about losing. Indonesia Houweiaike Adorno finally take the initiative to get the ball kicked an own goal, this Oolong not only led two teams each suffered 4 million fine, Ecker Adorno also therefore be subject to FIFA's lifetime ban.

Farthest Oolong: Wang Liang

2001, the Chinese team and the United States carried out a warm-up game in the midfield defender Wang Liang whim, he was 40 meters away from the goal location of a sudden to own goal kick weird quick lob, Yuwei Liang simply can not stop this kind of "shot", the world's farthest own goal was born.

The most comical own goal: Nanxiong Thailand

Nanxiong Thailand is Japan's J League team goalkeeper Bo Ra, in a game, Nanxiong Thailand ready to Shoupao Qiu attack. Yet, paradoxically, his actions seem to toss the discus track and field athlete, 180-degree rotation in the body after the ball thrown directly to an own goal. The side guard stunned, so Oolong is funny.

The fastest own goal: Cruise

January 3, 1977, Cambridge United players Cruise, after the referee blew the opening whistle and quickly pass the ball back to goalkeeper, while the goalkeeper is clear for this return not ready, the ball eventually rolled into the own goal. At a time when the game started just 6 seconds. The Oolong Oolong is also rated as the fastest in the history of spike.

The most aesthetic blunder: Traore

January 18, 2005, in Liverpool and Burnley's game, Liverpool Hou Weite Traore, an eye-popping. He was inside the restricted area in this side resorted to a beautiful swing Marseilles, but Zidane is different is that he had not lost the other guard, but this side of the goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek. And thus the ball into own goal. Liverpool coach Rafael Benitez joked after the game, this is a very nice goal.

The most famous Oolong the First World War: Nikkor

In 1976, Aston Villa and Leicester City game, Nikkor become the audience of the protagonist. First he played two consecutive grand Oolong, leading the team behind. Subsequently, the Nikkor suddenly broke out, scoring twice to score the final freeze-frame at the 2 to 2 level. The game a total of four goals, all arranged by his one-person, Nikkor War fame.

The most forgiveness oolong: Happel

Happel is the fifties of last century the famous Austrian defender. Before the 1952 game, Happel and fast goalkeeper bet, saying that they will in this game where Jianqiu from their own goal. But race is not over yet, quick team already ahead of 9 to 0. Seeing that goal hopeless, Happel will be passed the ball into own goal, and goalkeeper won the gamble.



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