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Who is most likely to become South Africa's World Cup 'top scorer'? KAKAOL__COM2010-04-24 03:10
European Soccer Channel put the one David Beckham at Real Madrid last season and what the background spend money in2010-04-24 03:10
Why is CCAV5 even the shadow of football do not see the? Heaven Tiger2010-04-24 02:11
Evening also broadcast the Winter Olympics video??? Is not broadcast live football? A few days a
The challenge of the Champions League Milan Manchester United will comeback right away? ? 362544902010-04-24 01:12
Such as the title of a recent phase of the state of Milan and Manchester United appear to be quite a
The world's top backs have to? Dream of touching2010-04-23 23:11
What are the world like 潘德夫吉格 Si Gude weak strength of Johnson as their national team, the deadadsdada2010-04-23 22:11
09-10 Premier League season against the remaining rounds of the case _ air live dust Hong _2010-04-23 21:10
I want to know Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal were to be the next team against which you can sp
Tomorrow the Red Army win? Sad1221g2010-04-23 21:10
Request the player's name in Latin curse in2010-04-23 21:10
is this person
Why the Men "32 years of countless / numerous 24 years," Han Men, these two arguments? strong life2010-04-23 17:11
New fans, deep understanding of history. Newspapers often read two statements: Chinese Men Men e
Oh, is today the Argentine striker looks like a very tough ah fengan_20082010-04-23 16:10
World Cup that can last several Who
What is the midfield 365 and work hard2010-04-23 15:10
C5 live Champions League this week has it? Which of several? Grass Point Qin _2010-04-23 14:11
March 3, Kunitari VS Portugal, Argentina VS Germany match the exact time??? Live Channel ??? Thunderbolt 555552010-04-23 14:11
This CCTV 5 sets of football do not even turn the matter? Olympic Winter Games every day, some see i old man Zhang guide2010-04-23 09:12
How football does not change the matter, do not switch to basketball that does not mean not even the
Messi in Argentina how to play, play what position, can play the role he did in Barcelona? Guo Jia Revival2010-04-23 09:12
In order to say all the players in this chart reincarnation の Asia, United States2010-04-23 08:11
Next Monday with the world football? Reincarnation の Asia, United States2010-04-22 16:12
All football schools in Guangzhou small-kun I2010-04-22 15:11
I want to test foot school, please put all the names in Guangzhou write full school
Which Arsenal fans forum for better, more hot Pipe I am the fire2010-04-22 15:11
For example: Arsenal's Baidu Bar
World soccer broadcast time tonight it? Reincarnation の Asia, United States2010-04-22 15:11
Xie Xi Yi signed show room and a half into the hairpin only hope wedding day with management now men 3576171582010-04-22 12:12
Yi Chai Xi show room and a half into the interlocked wedding day only hope now Hubao tidings to Shui
Kahn retired after doing grrr85232010-04-22 12:12
Quasi-world football tonight, please? ? ? Fengan_20082010-04-22 12:11
European league unbeaten this season, the team is only Leverkusen effect? Y2002ym07md30d2010-04-22 09:11
Why are football players who erect middle finger is an insult to the meaning of it Guo Jing Dong2010-04-21 20:10
often see players like the audience vertical middle finger, is considered the most insulting gesture
Koreans playing in the Premiership last name King, Who is playing midfield, strong? 7340400522010-04-21 15:10
2010 World Cup in South Africa seeking personality on the signature. Real Madrid AC Milan2010-04-21 13:11
The world which countries hosted the Olympic Games and World Cup killox2010-04-21 12:11
Summer Olympics and hosted the Winter Games are counted
CCTV5 bought the broadcast rights for the AFC Champions yet? Reincarnation の Asia, United States2010-04-21 12:10
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