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Liverpool Lin Pate2010-01-16 02:01
Liverpool on the world that what is disaster? What is going on here? Please say in detail points
World Cup 32 strong alias Lin Pate2010-01-16 02:01
For example, Spain: Matador England: Three Lions, Côte d'Ivoire: African elephants. Also like to ask
Corresponds to large areas of the Premiership top 20 hexiangqian5202010-01-16 02:01
England "442" magazine launched a football team likened the film to a large article, all the Premier
Lifting the Premiership table: (2009 points before Christmas, compared with the same period in 2008) hexiangqian5202010-01-16 02:01
Premier lifting List: (2009 points before Christmas, compared with the same period in 2008)
Arsenal's case Youwenyouda2010-01-16 01:01
Arsenal Arsenal fans come on to the next year's trends. Other teams fans can also come in to say a f
Bundesliga New Year's Eve The gunman gunmen2010-01-16 01:01
New Year's Eve 21:30 Bundesliga highlights 3 games VS Wolf Stuttgart, Bayer Leverkusen VS FC Bay
I always feel that my defender No lid Invincible2010-01-16 01:01
Goalkeeper Iker Casillas G. Clichy right back 1310 1573 1546 right halfback N. Vidic left half
Macy's sponsors are nike do? c Lo is adi do? Higuain2010-01-16 00:29
Macy's sponsors are nike do? c Lo is adi do?
Inter Milan coach Inter Milan2010-01-16 00:29
coaches the current Inter Milan
The 17th round of Serie A four specific reasons why the extension? Lamb2010-01-16 00:29
Serie A 17th round of four specific reasons why the extension?
Orange shorts and white T-shirt's soccer team that l5247002010-01-16 00:29
With regard to matters in football video lizhilangzhao2010-01-16 00:29
November 25 Champions League Barcelona VS Inter Milan game-video treasure Louzhu hard work, please
Bar there is live football video viewing audience do? lizhilangzhao2010-01-16 00:28
Jiangcheng soccer network would not only can be downloaded there is online video viewing audience do lizhilangzhao2010-01-16 00:28
Kaka is the most overvalued players do? alanhuang09242010-01-16 00:27
First of all make it clear his position. Live inside, he has three position, center, Qian Yao, shado
Why most players scoring zone after they run to the corner flag? Goose City, Cai-xia2010-01-16 00:27
Such as the title -
2002 World Cup in China - Brazil team playing both sides? Attack is the best defense2010-01-16 00:27
2002 World Cup, the Chinese national team - Brazil's national team squad and both sides played Subst
Encke kicked in Barcelona? zwzz57282010-01-16 00:27
2009-12-29 13:10 supplementary question is that suicide
What will Diego Maradona after class? alanhuang09242010-01-16 00:27
A Football Association told the President wants to take this old horse, and the contradiction betwee
2009 Chinese men's soccer results for all games? attack is the best defense2010-01-16 00:26
Demand: in 2009 the year China's national men's soccer team in all official race results, has been c
January 6 Kunitari be able to win at home scrubbing shame Syria do woshi0072010-01-16 00:26
Is there a penalty trained? Zeng NAO2010-01-16 00:26
I'm not a penalty kick will be Hei hei!
All the players in their league transfer market will emerge? God-ying2010-01-16 00:26
All the players in their respective league's transfer market will emerge? I would like the transfer
La Liga Wooden2010-01-16 00:25
Big Brother that they can provide the first few quarters after the first round of the Primera Liga's
Please provide details of Liverpool teenager Insua. alanhuang09242010-01-16 00:25
Also do you think he is likely to become Argentina's main left-back, I guess that Heinze either scra
Please detail the best team in South America, Argentine defender Otamendi? alanhuang09242010-01-16 00:25
It could play in next year's World Cup, the main force?
Beckham is not going to South Africa this ah? michaelbes2010-01-16 00:25
The current round of Serie A Livorno Parma, who would win VS Feifei Sang2010-01-16 00:24
VS round of Serie A Livorno Parma who would win? 2010-01-09 18:33 supplementary question I h
Tell us about the Nigeria Football Qin Ge2010-01-16 00:24
Coach and curriculum vitae, the core players, the core of effective team. A new international rankin
2010 African Nations Cup haul and televised table attack is the best defense2010-01-15 09:12
Please provide expert 2010 African Nations Cup soccer tournament schedule and television table
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