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Swim before you do anything

Wang asdduew2010-02-23 23:11:29 +0000 #1

yanpey1112010-02-23 23:19:40 +0000 #2
first washed a cold water bath, and then do warm-up exercise, and later to adapt to swimming pool water temperature, and then into the water.
Blue-fin swimming, Wang coaches2010-02-23 23:46:47 +0000 #3
expansion kinds of click
Sky static language2010-02-23 23:33:19 +0000 #4
first baths
☆ Feng Xue Yu2010-02-24 01:01:58 +0000 #5
swim before the preparatory activities should be targeted, content to set reasonable preparations sufficient to ensure that the swimming fitness effects and安全. Main should take the following two aspects:

First, we are preparing special preparations to prevent the knee meniscus injury and water cramps.

To prevent the meniscus injury warming-up methods are kneeling down to their heads off and the squat switch to knee and so on, kneeling down to recline the essentials are two hand-held, the two ankle outside turned over, the knee repeatedly to the ground under the pressure; deep The gist is to turn squat knee flexion two hand on the knee and squat body, after circling. Use of these two methods to fully extend the lateral ligament of the knee for the frog legs and technology to provide excellent flexibility, increase joint flexibility, frog legs to prevent the knee meniscus injury.

To prevent the water cramps the most effective preparations is to toe movement. The gist is the straight leg sitting on the ground, lift one leg straight leg and his hands were repeatedly pull the toes. To improve the toe and large posterior leg muscles flexibility, to prevent the cramps from occurring.

Second, seriously ready warming-up, warming-up the amount of the size according to the weather conditions. Do not rush into the water, set into the water before you prepare preparations consciousness. Under normal circumstances the hands of warming-up time of about 5-10 minutes, the temperature and water temperature is low, such as cloudy, wind day, warming-up period should be long and slightly larger amount. Further warming-up when active movements, precise, coordinated powerful stretch smooth. Warming-up the full performance of the blood circulation to speed up the body heat, sweating, joint flexibility, movement easily powerful.
012ab0122010-02-24 00:36:14 +0000 #6
If you swim in the wild, with particular attention to water environment.
0 up silly vertical 02010-02-23 23:55:51 +0000 #7
's only a few words: sea-view event of a wave pool to see the deep

case of ready movement, try the water temperature
nasty pig pig YY2010-02-24 01:57:01 +0000 #8
remember to bring the full range of preparatory activities swimming equipment
oo53532010-02-24 02:45:29 +0000 #9
is to go swimming, or water prior to before?
xs Kuei2010-02-24 02:07:26 +0000 #10
Beach before the good preparations in order to improve the body's organ systems of the situation, improve the nervous system excitability, help the body to better meet the swimming needs. At the same time, for anti-muscle cramps and strains have a role.

Warming-up the content and physical activity may be due to people easily understood. Basic requirement is to the body parts of joints, muscle activity open.

In general to do it again broadcast gymnastics or running, arm, kicks, turn the waist, stretching and other exercises. Into the water, we must first use of water scrub the face, chest, limbs, so that the body's temperature has been adapted, so that re-entering the water, avoid body sweat directly into the water.

Swimwear (trousers), towels, bags (bags) are a must, the other according to their own circumstances.

If hair is too long or the swimming pool provide for swimming cap, then add swimming cap;

learning to swim will have a Rotary board or buoy.

Must not be eaten immediately after the meal to swim
cwd611781632010-02-24 01:53:56 +0000 #11
most important thing is not to warm-up warm-up stretch pores allow the body to expand pool of dirty water will be absorbed into the pores on the contrary poor health
19901227chong2010-02-24 04:14:14 +0000 #12
bathing suits
bored know very2010-02-24 01:50:11 +0000 #13
ready Activities
Lee Long 31161012010-02-24 05:54:24 +0000 #14
I tend to jump directly to slowly stretch his limbs joints above the said garbage ah. Test water temperature, funny, and if the water temperature are not to your taste. Do not you directly go? ?

Anyway, note that you can in the water after not directly crazy trip, and that is very easy to convulsions. Slowly, until your body adapted to be mad exercise swimming my favorite! ! !



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