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State the number of seconds to three athletes freestyle

peter23212010-03-03 13:10:03 +0000 #1
freestyle athletes to national levels, the number of seconds (I am 14 years old)

If the compliance, how examinations (certification)

I have been approved by the District tournament first eligible do? ?
guojinyi000112010-03-03 13:12:18 +0000 #2
that I am very familiar with. When you reach a certain level of time, and to go up to grade. For example, men's freestyle 50 Mida to 34.5 seconds when the time is a level 3, 2, 27 seconds (I was like, now do not change do not know).

you go to your local Sports Commission to see how long there is compliance swimming race, and then register it wants to, to the time to race in the race reached the three requirements of time even if achieved, then the certificate is to do that sort of thing you can ask the staff, because it may place our two different proposed policies are different, anyway, in Chengdu, when the swim meet two of the college entrance examination can be added 20 points, 3 without any points, but the test should be added three points.
ccad1233212010-03-03 13:52:24 +0000 #3
36 s

2 28 seconds

1 25 seconds

23 seconds athlete grade seems to be an international athlete 22 seconds

I am 11 years old when the two countries that no team practiced at that time

I have 13 years of age at the national level



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