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Chess rules? ?

xuping13132010-03-04 18:11:39 +0000 #1
How to play chess ah? ? What is the specific rules? ?
Yi Lok Square,2010-03-04 18:21:59 +0000 #2
there is one called "Yi-Band" website where there are a lot about chess rules, chess tips, chess tutorials, chess board to explain aspects of the article may help you oh
kingstory0072010-03-04 18:19:09 +0000 #3
Chinese Chess Rules

1, the board and pieces

chess board from nine straight and 10 horizontal cross-component. The board a total of 90 cross-points, the child is before chess and activities in these cross-cutting point. Did not draw a straight line between the board pass a place called the "river community"; marked with oblique cross-line, where, called "Nine-palace." 9 line, the red chess in from right to left with the Chinese numbers 1-9 to represent; Black connection with the Arabic numerals 1 to 9 to represent.


A total of 32 pieces, divided into red, black groups, each of a total of 16, each of seven kinds, their names and numbers are as follows:

Red Son: Shuai 1, car, horse, guns, phase, two each with disabilities, soldiers 5.

Sunspots: The one, cars, horses, guns, elephants, two each with disabilities and finally 5.

2, take chess and eating sub-


game, by the executive red chess party, first out, the two sides take turns with each taking one until the separation of wins, negative, and, that is the end game.

Take the law

Shuai (will) be allowed for each step forward, forward, backward, horizontal-travel can be, but can not leave the "Nine-palace." Shuai will not be allowed in the same line has been the direct opposite, such as the party had already occupied, the other must be avoided, otherwise a negative sentence.

With disabilities be allowed along each of the "Nine-palace" slash step may be into the retreat.

Phase (as) can not cross the "river" constituency, each of the ramp take two steps into the retreat may be, that is commonly known as "phase (as) the word go fields." Toda word center when the other pieces, commonly known as "plug (phase) as the eye", you can not go.

Ma each have a walk (or a horizontal) a ramp leading into the retreat may be, that is commonly known as "horse to go on the word." If there are other pieces to go the direction of block. Commonly known as "limp Matui," can not go.

Cars for each can be straight forward, Zhi Tui, horizontal, not limited to, the number of steps.

Gun at the time the child does not eat and take law as the same car.

Soldier (soldier) in the not too "river community" before, each step forward can only go straight forward; over the "river border", each with can be straight or cross-step forward, but can not retreat.

Only to be shot across a piece to eat at midnight (no matter which side) jumped to eat, that is commonly known as "gun fight Gezi."

Take one with chess, if one's own pieces can go to the position of the other pieces exist, the other pieces can be eaten by the occupying that position.

3, killing chess and chess to kill trapped to death

side of the pieces attacking each other's Shuai (to be), and should eat it in the next forward, known as "according to will," or simply "will" . Be "according to the" party must immediately "should be", that is their own law to resolve is the "will" state. If you are "according to" and not "should", even if by "going to die."

Trapped to death

turn to go chess party, no child can walk, even if being "trapped to death."

4, wins, negative, and

game one of the following situations occur when one party, in order to Shu Qi (negative), the other side to win:

◆ Shuai (to be) is the other side "will die."

◆ go chess formed after Shuai (to be) directly opposite.

◆ been "trapped to death."

◆ than the race specified time limit.

◆ self-declared throw in the towel.

One of the following conditions for a draw:

◆ The two sides have no potential to win a simple situation.

◆ side has proposed to make, and the other agreed.

◆ consistent with the natural limit of the round with the requirement that 60 rounds in a row, the two sides have not eaten a piece.

5, illegal

refers to a long party in the other with the law, a continuous piece with the same one or a few locations in the cycle of a few "general."

6, time

chess game time there are three, namely: Authority, the step limits and countdown. Players in the game, the first step carried out with the bureau when the calculations. When out in the Council prior to each step by step chess must go one step further within the time limit chess, chess in the next step, the step will be re-calculated. After the timeout, when the Council stop the calculation, the player must be within a specified time countdown step chess. Step out with the countdown was sentenced to lose.
In the confusion2010-03-04 19:02:04 +0000 #4
horse go on, like walking fields, cars go straight not turning, the small pawns can not go back,
qwezja2010-03-04 18:51:33 +0000 #5
fields such as walking, horse to go on. Red chess go first. Like someone else can not go to sites, soldiers or soldier can only move forward on their own site, to others, the site can, but you can not go back. Shuai will or moving only in the box inside. If and when the handsome face of the person for the shot to win. Concocted a child can be separated in order to fight the car to flee a few cells away a few cells, but only in one direction do not write super, and hope that these useful to you
tphlnm2010-03-04 20:29:30 +0000 #6
1. With the hands of

2. Do not rascally
see de Sun2010-03-04 19:32:08 +0000 #7
chess rules is simple. .
Crayon Small Punch 19852010-03-04 20:02:09 +0000 #8
simple formulas (record of the study will help you): Ma take days, such as walking fields, car is a steal Township pawns never came back.
Hongyu handsome2010-03-04 21:13:09 +0000 #9
I give you a summary: Ma go 'day', like to go 'Tian', cars go straight stretches of road guns and crosses, small pawns across the river not go back further, the small with disabilities around the veteran (Shuai) switch.
rosepd072010-03-04 20:18:18 +0000 #10
into the game to look at other people QQ under a see at a glance.
kiyoshii2010-03-04 19:25:45 +0000 #11
chess pieces on the chess pieces

Chess is a competitive sport against the two sides. A total of 32 pieces divided into red and black groups, each with 16, from both sides armed with a group of chess. Arms are the same, divided into seven kinds: Shuai (to be), Shi, phase (like), cars, horses, guns, soldiers (soldier).

Red side to hold a piece

Shuai, Shi, phase, cars, horses, guns of various two soldiers 5.


Black side pieces to hold one, disabilities, such as, cars, horses, artillery of various two and finally five.

Note: One handsome and will be; Official and disabilities; phase and image; soldiers and soldier's role in exactly the same, just to distinguish red chess and Black only.

Pawn moves

Shuai (to be)

red side as "handsome", the black side to "will."

Commander in chief and the head will be chess, trying both sides competing goals. It is only in the "Nine-palace" of the activities can be can be, it can be left to right, each move can only walk around a vertical or horizontal grid. Shuai and will not be in the same line has been the direct opposite, or take the negative side-contracting.


Shi-(±) is a (handsome) personal bodyguard, it can only move in the nine palace. It is chess path of the line can only be nine intrauterine slash.

Like the (relative)

Red-side to "phase", the black side as "elephant."

Phase (like) the main role is to defend and protect themselves Shuai (to be). It moves every time to go through two diagonal grid, commonly known as "like flying fields." Phase (like) the scope of activities restricted to the "river community" within the positions of the parties can not cross the river, and if it is to go, "fields" There is a character piece, it can not go, commonly known as "plug like eyes."


the most powerful vehicles in chess, whether horizontal, vertical lines can be walking, as long as no sub-block, step number unlimited. Thus, a vehicle can control the 17 points, and therefore, "a car 10 sub-cold," said.


guns at a time when the child does not eat, walk around with the car exactly the same. Must be separated by a child playing.


Horse walking is always a ramp, that is, first walk sideways or straight forward to a grid, and then take a diagonal placed at an angle, commonly known as "horse to go on." Horse at one time the choice of points to go up to around 8 points, and therefore, "awe-inspiring" theory. If you want to go another direction pawn blocked, horses can not be walked over, commonly known as "limp Matui."

Soldier (soldier)

Red Square as "soldiers", the black side to "Death."

Soldier (soldier) in the not to cross the river before, only to go forward step by step, crossing the river later, in addition to not retreat, the permit move around, but only one step, even so, soldier (soldier) in the power of greatly enhanced, and therefore, "pawns in the top half of the cars across the river" theory.

Piece of the sub-power of the value of

cars: the strongest chess pawn in the chessboard because of fast moving line, regardless of the child to eat and mobile are all very easy, so the value of the overall very high and its strength is quite in the pairs of horses, double guns, horse artillery, for its assessment of 10 points. Its short-, medium, long-range operations apply.

Gun: Because of its "Red Firecracker Gezi" So in the long-range combat, and their used for containment, and the child (mainly vehicles) with easy. In the aftermath Shi-phase depend on the strength of offense and defense (commonly known as "shot up the pieces is also at home"). Opening and middle game as sons, and his "gun rack" so they, the strength slightly higher than the horse, this time for him to play five minutes. Endgame "gun rack" less strength is correspondingly reduced, but to rely on strong at Ma Shi-phase defense (such as a bicycle can be Katsuma pairs of pairs of Shi Shi was Nansheng gun), so "easy to stay Sum gun", this time for playing 4.5. Its strength is equal to one horse, two-Shi, two-phase, a Shi-one phase.

Ma: medium-range combat weapons. In contrast with the gun, due to "limp leg," came from a sub-power, strength, stronger than the cannon. Because of this nature, it is easy to jump to the open office, but the adverse frontiers. And its strength is the equivalent of a gun, two-phase, dual-shi, a Shi-one phase.

Bing: start time due to only forward, almost no attacking power, but limited to clear our roads and limit the role of the enemy's road, for 0.5 minutes to play. After crossing the river you can turn, when the power surge when the Nine-palace near the enemy, and therefore, "soldier top-carts across the river," "Guohe Cu sub-half-car" and other phrases. The pieces, the two sub-power less the role of soldiers emerged, crossing the river of high military value of doubling its play 3 points. Soldiers across the river is equivalent to one-shi, one phase. Note that soldiers do not sink to the bottom easily.

Shi, phase: part of defensive chess pieces, a Shi-equivalent to one phase. Beginning stage, the veteran did not play two of their vulnerable points, precisely because of this, people do not like to use horses start (artillery) against the Shi-phase. , The endgame is directed at the veteran during this time need Shi-phase guard, while Shi-phase can be idle with the gun offense and defense, or go to prevent hardship to death, so do not take advantage, do not easily discard Shi-phase, this time to fight for 3 minutes . Remember: Shi Yi against the lack of vehicles, lack of affordable against the gun. Flower with disabilities, as can be anti-car, the phase can be associated Shi Fang Bao. Shi-affordable in the Alliance, the phase will not easily loose side.

Shuai: the overall goal of competing pieces need to protect our pieces. Start time should not tamper avoid asking for trouble. , The mess when a handsome assists security, such as "iron bolt."

[Edit this paragraph] chess board

piece events venue called "chessboard." In the rectangular plane, painted nine parallel vertical and 10 horizontal line parallel to the intersection with a total of 90 crossing points,

piece is before the intersection point. The middle part, that is, the board of the fifth, sixth two horizontal line vertical line drawn between the end of the blank area known as the "river community." At both ends of the middle, that is, both ends of the fourth to the sixth position of the square between the vertical line, to oblique cross-line constitutes a "m" word box in place, called "Nine-palace" (which happens to have nine cross-points).

The entire board to the "river community" is divided into equal two parts. In order to record and study chess game for convenience, the current rule: According to nine vertical line from right to left with the Chinese numbers 1 - 9 to represent the red side of each vertical line, using Arabic numerals '1 '
'9' to represent the dark side Each vertical line. Before the start of games, both red and black chess pieces should be placed in specified locations. Any piece of each step, into the writing "into the" back on the writing "retreat", if, as the same car to go sideways, it was "flat."

"Two opposing powers community" refers to the south bank of the Yellow River in Henan Province Xingyang Guangwu mountain gap. Mizoguchi width of 800 meters, a depth of 200 meters, is an ancient military significance. The competition between Chu and Han Western Han Dynasty, the Han emperor Liu Bang and Xiang Yu Xiang Yu, West Chu Ying Yang only in the area around the outbreak of the "War 70, the small wars 40", for various reasons, Xiang Yu "is about and Han, carved the world, cutting Divide to the west of the Han, east of Chu ", the gap has become the border between Chu and Han. Now divide both sides of the city there are then two armies confront the site of the east, King City, west HW city. King City is now facing the collapse of the Han risk, relevant departments are defending our country's ancient battlefield.



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