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Xuhui District, near the swimming place

Tsukishima Kirari mm2010-03-05 04:10:27 +0000 #1
is the winter vacation in the open, a little less expensive, 15 yuan, but the environment, not too bad, hope that we recommend to look at! ! !
10291959652010-03-05 04:22:19 +0000 #2
Xuhui Golden Island Hotel swimming pool Bose Road, Windsor, No. 88, Chi

54,350,888 Hotel Xuhui Shanghai International Tennis Center, No. 516 Hengshan Road, 64155588-82 hotel swimming pool pool

Donghu Road, Xuhui Donghu Hotel swimming pool on the 7th 64,158,158 hotel pool

Xuhui Shanghai Sports Hotel Nandan Road 15 64,648,006 Swimming Sports Commission pool

1200 North Cao Xi Road, Xuhui Hua Ting Hotel 64391000-3038 Hotel Jianguo Hotel Xuhui pool

64399299 No. 439 North Cao Xi -- 3400 hotel pool

Baise Road, Xuhui Garden Hotel 100 54361688-2138 swimming pool

Xuhui Hotel Four Seasons Garden Club Dongan Road 149 64,220,371 hotel pool

Xuhui Everbright sports and leisure swimming pool Caobao heaven and earth Everbright International Hotel, No. 66, Block A 4 floor hotel pool

64753288-70197 Xuhui Shanghai Ruijin Hotel Taiyuan Division (Taiyuan Villa) Taiyuan Road, No. 160, Chi

64716688-8066 Hotel, Zhongshan South Road, Xuhui Shanghai Swimming Pool Sports Commission 1300, No. 64,381,874

Xuhui Xuhui Swimming Pool 64.16783 million, No. 329 Fenglin Road, Pond

Xuhui Sports Commission, a new swimming pool in the Department of Guangyuan Road West 88, No. 64076288-7 common pool of

, Xuhui, Shanghai Sports Club Swimming Pool Tianlin Road 728 64,957,248 Qinzhou Sports Commission Meeting Pool

Xuhui Garden, Shaanxi Road Club the fifth floor of Building 1, Lane 888 podium Community Pool

64,451,588 garden swimming pool Wanping Road, Xuhui Hengchang 521 646910000-223 Community Pool
potato _402010-03-05 04:55:36 +0000 #3
Shanghai Swimming Pool, Office of the card, then should not your



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