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Swimming, the head is out, but do not inhale the / /

QQ Cherry and old balls2010-03-05 14:10:35 +0000 #1
shiver my soul, head out how this time will not be breathing out? / / This is too strange bar. Next to the coach .. .. Oh exhausted me. coach said that they will not inhale the same as white will not learn to swim with. God ah. save me.
bring a clear sky2010-03-05 14:15:16 +0000 #2
That is because You do not swim proficiency, not comfortable. A series of actions is still relatively panic, leading you nervous, will not dare to breathe breathing, choking with fear. Tour 2 days and then will be, do not think too much, this is skilled on the natural thing.

Careful to do it and feel the rhythm of the total swimming:

kick when the (then head under water), breath ... ...

zoned carrying young water came out first in the Chit-Chat;

head just came out, gas and also "porphyrin "The call finished, the natural and then mouth breathing - when the body is to decrease from the previous. End suction gas, the body and the head on the sink into the water, and then nature is the kick, breath, arm stroke ... ... just repeat the previous movements, it is so.

In the water slowly swim, relax, and careful feeling that a number of column moves slowly, the rhythm, you will soon be a. There are a couple of days will eventually get.

The other ventilatory exercises: You can stand in the water, knees, head under water, arms stretched upward. Then slowly straight knees, breath, his hands drop, head out, come out the mouth Chit-Chat, chin up, mouth breathing; knees, the body goes down, closed suffocation, head into the water, his hands on the stretch. Knee straight and then slowly, breath ... ... back and forth this action, feel the water when the lips feeling and breathing rhythm, action, gradually faster and faster, more natural, like breaststroke breathing.

Will be the!

I wish you the water next time to fully grasp.

There are ah, first of all you have to admit: you do a little bit stupid, Hehe - better than you are even more stupid is your coach!哈哈 -
never lonely, Columbia2010-03-05 14:37:38 +0000 #3
Hello Niu A, swimming is not breathing? You are not afraid of the first came out breathing smoke near water ah. If so you can head elevation points, so basically there is no problem. Or you have a heart disorder, then I have no other way to go and see a doctor bar



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