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Swimming pool cleanliness!! Anxious

muistwwb2010-03-06 03:11:29 +0000 #1
Does our company have a swimming pool. Small. Nearly 25 meters wide and 5 meters long. Antivirus with ozone. Outside the circulation and filtering. The question now is bottom of the old swimming pool there are a lot of brown like rusty things. A rub like dust on a lot of things. do not know what it was. forgot to answer the next master. is not to be for the swimming pool bottom there is no cycle of reasons, we can only rely on that pool of water filtered out of the overflow tank, bottom of the dirt can only be by washing pond to resolve. Is not it common use of ozone and chlorine disinfection? I hope there are not very understanding of expert can teach.
brighti2010-03-06 03:14:56 +0000 #2
All swimming pools should be regularly need to clean bottom of.

The current solution is: before adding calcium hypochlorite, the filter bypass (that is, only the circle, without filtering), the purpose of bleaching powder is fully mixed evenly, 2 hours later, close the filter, settling for 24 hours. 24 hours after the reopening of filtering (filtering condition), with a long tube into a swimming pool outlet, a carpet along the bottom road, this time, the brown sludge and disinfection bottom sediments will be sucked into filters devices and are filtered out.

Since you did not say you are at the end of the swimming pool water or the side of the water, so I do not know what you should be the end of the suction tube inserted in a pool or a pool. Or, in the overflow tank outlet, you can also look at the size of diameter, with a diameter of a suitable hose, so do not need to pick up tubes of water. Hose the other end tied to the root long-handled, like operating a stand by the pond.

After the smoke is best about the end of every day, so that dirt will not end up with the plot.



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