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Why do I swim freestyle were very tired

471,658,3342010-03-14 06:10:49 +0000 #1
action entirely correct, physical Niu X, but if not very easy to swim 400m breaststroke

I am very tired of the 50m freestyle, had to break down what the reasons are,

Action is also very correct the problem ah Where
bring a clear sky2010-03-14 06:15:48 +0000 #2
normal, not just you, everybody did - just learned shortly reasons.

I have a day 2000 meters breaststroke, freestyle, will not work. You just learned how to crawl, let alone have long.

Words: multi-tour.

The more the more they will not dry, for a long time, Shun, and feeling found, skills mastered, naturally easier.

As for skills, if I may say, you are definitely not the correct action. After all, just learned how to soon when you should not force the site of freestyle is still energetically - this feeling that they are visible. Jiugen breaststroke, when just learned the site is very blunt force should not be the same as you remember the next time you just learn breaststroke appearance, movements and others obviously are similar, how they swim up and still struggling with slow and clumsy then? Kinda nervous when they travel abroad themselves.

Is simply like this, and more travel, more feeling fine. More will not dry more quit, it has been learning not.

Is estimated that you learn to freestyle in less than one month may be half a month less. Around the gas breathing may not be smooth. Otherwise, not 50 meters are struggling.

Continue to make more practice the basics just fine.



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