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Too weak to stand the cold fear of cold are suitable for swimming fitness do?

Tianshan Stick2010-03-21 23:11:32 +0000 #1
If problem.

Swimming will increase the like, such as arthritis, bronchitis, diseases? ?
tiarashe2010-03-21 23:22:41 +0000 #2
In fact it, you are not Eucharist Well, it should strengthen the exercise. I have congenital bronchitis. But the kindergarten began to swim, then their like, and I do not know how going uh.

However, bar or from the summer tour, and now, then certainly would be very inappropriate, and even the temperature of the water temperature does not cross the high, unless you want to always swim, but began to insist on not last long, and in the summer, then you can start looking for coach to teach about, should never learned to understand at a relatively large grades. Suddenly see the light on a kind of feeling, Hei hei. Of the same techniques as found 'also will not use much time, but will be of great help to you after your swim. Or actually look at online teaching video, but in fact if not fully understand, then to see it is quite troublesome, or find someone to ask, but the birth experience would have been better.

In fact, you are a male bar, in fact, the above said, these are exercises in order to better play the role of the swimming because different parts of the main exercise will be different. However, in general, I think if swimming to exercise the muscles, the result is not very good for this to be very slow, and do not know is not to be for me was a woman, anyway even when swimming in the past are also looking not hate it, but still at stake. So, Oh, not now travel 啦, otherwise there is still muscle it finished. The best bar muscle or equipment, that good, but must adhere to. Especially the swimming, if the middle section, he will probably gain weight a little. Hey this is followed by 啦 - if it is only exercise, adhere to like, and the body will become good.

PS: before the beginning of the body will be painful, especially in the arms and legs and back, go back and take hot bubble will be better the next point. But still had several days will be good, well after the latter will not do that. There is to look at your toes, be sure to do a good job of warming-up, or cramps may Tongsi's.

Almost forgot, you can now do something in a chin-up, because they can practice arm strength, there is the sit-ups, practicing under the abdominal muscles, colleagues remember a time when swimming must be received lower abdomen! Even if not used until the beginning is also necessary, good for you.
November 30, 19852010-03-21 23:52:02 +0000 #3
If your body is more fragile to stand the cold to go swimming
swimmingdays2010-03-21 23:21:07 +0000 #4
It depends on your specific situation. In fact can, find someone accompany relatively safe, bronchitis, swimming is to be careful, some people looked like.
Ping Ping forever Oh2010-03-21 23:36:58 +0000 #5
No, as long as they swim, rather than splashing, the body is absolutely useful, problems will gradually turn for the better
freedom of everyone2010-03-22 00:46:38 +0000 #6
Swimming is a very good fitness, physical weakness of the people by swimming exercise and enhance physical fitness.

I grew up was a frail person, a child, my mother gave me to pay the medical expenses more than meals. Cold, laryngitis, bronchitis is a perennial, as well as rheumatoid arthritis, lumbar disc herniation, and later even hyperthyroidism.

As my lumbar disc right to live, work a great impact, the doctor advised me to go through to help recovery, I began to try is holding the psychology goes swimming. Persevered in recent years (about a week Tour 2 - 3 times), benefited greatly, physically strong, and do not become less afraid of the cold of winter, his face rosy, and very little cold, there are several around many of my colleagues, students have to a cold, I have nothing to do, (arthritis had not increased). Relatives and friends say I changed Tingda's.

However, frail people swimming fitness is important to note, "progressive approach", into the water before exercise to do to prepare adequate to maintain movement in the water, do not stop in the water does not move, Sheung Shui, as soon as the warm bath, slip. At the beginning of each tour will not take too long, a half hour or so is enough.

Hunger satiety, too tired to swim when they are not.

There is to adhere to before there are results. Otherwise, the occasional visit once or twice, they would only feel backache pain, not much effect on fitness.

The above proposals for reference purposes only want to help you.



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