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I learned how to swim essay

andytouyia2010-03-24 10:10:09 +0000 #1
600 words, is urgently needed
deep inside the raging2010-03-24 10:24:32 +0000 #2
I learned how to swim

I opened his drawer to find something, suddenly discovered that previous health certificates to swim and then back to remember that the sections funny pictures, and now really want to convulsed with laughter.

Remember that it was a hot summer, can not swim one of my classmates said that pool open, they very happy. A school, I ran home to tell fly like a father, a father, said: "Well! A while I'll take you." Then he took out like magic, like swimming gear.

We Huanhaoyifu with nice things came to swimming pools. Wow! This water is really blue-ah! Looked at the big brother big sister walked freely to the water, but hit a foot of water they shrink back, thinking: I am the person that can not swim, if they accidentally fell into the deep water where it is surely the to be finished!

Dad to see me like this, they said to me: "how it? Did not dare go on? Coward!" I am a person very much about face-saving, a remark, I immediately went into the water, thinking: "Is not the water Well! What's amazing! "Bi the blue water gradually diffuse over my knees, and finally` my waist, come here, I slowly stopped for fear of further forward will be drowned. Dad said to me: "fast flat stretch legs!" He said with a strong arm shore my waist, I seemed to float in the water. Dad said: "legs energetically next tread and his hands to both sides of the draw ... ...", I'll swim a bit of a moment. My father to see me progress quickly, wanted to open a joke, hands let go Who would have thought I "splash!" soon as the sank consecutive choke a few saliva. was standing up, just feel sour nose, ears to what seems to be blocked, and very bad.

dad looked at me and this pair of helter-skelter phase, could not help but laugh. I do not care him, and just try to be able to swim himself. So I suck foot of the gas, close your eyes, body to the water a flutter, legs energetically back pedal, both hands to both sides of the force planning, and then swim forward with their own perception, ears to hear only the buzzing sound of the strokes. swim for a while, I really Biebu Zhu, and immediately stood up, wow! I swim quite a far from where! I can not help but cheer up: "I will swim in!" opposite his father looked at me, stunned and speechless, mouth, pulling the chin below. He was surprised, said: "wow! you progress really fast, so quickly learned to 啦!" It's back, This is my turn to laugh! ... ... "
how like? my swim faster progress bar! Ha! Ha!

I learned how to swim

blazing heat of the three dog days of summer, swimming pools, summer seems to have become one of the resort. But whenever I was trapped in the "Circle of Life", the wandering around in the water, when, how much hope to be like "Water Margin" in the wave where IOUs - Zhang, as a trace in the water to go without a trace ah ! so she do everything possible to find a swimming coach, let me worship him as a teacher.

the first day of training, I arrived early to swimming pools, under the guidance of her mother found a Song coaches. Song coaches burly, good chic, but face serious, made me awe, thinking: there should be a few erupted in!

Song coaches to see me look like a fragile, he said: "The first went to run two laps! "I ran like a gust of wind either accept the orders up, but can be run out of breath after two laps. Then coach asked me to get on the ground at the pool side," legs "anti overturned, Yi Shen a contraction, hey, this is" breaststroke "The basic movements of the. uncomfortable! just relax. can do this simple action is a two-day, bored to death of.

on the third day, the coach finally let me into the water. I am glad like newly hatched ducklings, that coaches teach the recipe has been able to cope with a little longer. varied coaches issuing the order, we can not wait to jump into the water, Who knows your body like a scale mound-like features a move to go downhill, the hard to learn all Yizhaobanshi do not have access, so he also choked a few saliva, good panic! really impatient eating hot tofu.

so obediently according to coach the procedure step by step exercise: stuffy water - tread water - the water, with the ventilation, nausea Water - tread water - the water, with the ventilation. dry rough while go. gradually I mastered breaststroke essentials, you can in the water - "is worth a stroll," the.

Then, the coach decided to let the I learned a diving. coach explained the movements and essentials, making a number of demonstrations should I practice on the shore. The so-called fearless, I thought I knew how to swim, and now they got essentials, this diving is not the piece of cake. I would take advantage of coaches do not pay attention, boldly jumped into the water a Mengzi. But it's just still soft water, like a plate-like, a terrible pain in his chest came from, and so I climbed the pool, the chest has been red a large, my mother said with a laugh: "Ha, a red mountains and rivers of the motherland! "Depressed!!

Coach Xiezhuo Yan gloating looked at me, sure to say: Do not listen to the elders made a disadvantage in front of bar! Youchang of headaches, I can not effect that dare not rash, and follow the coach that serious practicing again.

Now, I already have the basic swimming skills, and has been greatly improved, "Circle of Life," left to my younger sister. However, to like waves, like white bars inside, or very poor far. However, by learning taught me to do anything had to step by step, can not be overanxious for quick results, and only through our efforts in order to achieve good results.



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