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Guo Jingjing look

Aallie2010-01-26 04:02:06 +0000 #1
This is my own evaluation of

can not be denied Guo Jingjing Guo Jingjing diving very formidable indeed!

But, for a newspaper that looks like someone said Guo Jingjing is of epic proportions Vanves phase, I think the look is not beautiful and Guo Jingjing, on the contrary they looked strange! My mother smiled as she looked the same cry! Is not jealous, but really. Do not be confused by the so-called things, a good look. Good eyes, small mouth, a big!
babiRRt2010-01-26 04:10:12 +0000 #2
bored know very2010-01-26 04:43:51 +0000 #3
eye curved, and a good surprise!
Super Girl is very fans2010-01-26 04:12:06 +0000 #4
Guo Jingjing did not particularly beautiful, but clean, and kinda nice
dodo79432010-01-26 05:14:47 +0000 #5
Face rough
oo53532010-01-26 05:11:51 +0000 #6
Vanves pretty ugly, and are not necessarily related.
Bring a clear sky2010-01-26 04:23:33 +0000 #7



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