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Beijing Baby Swimming

huashazju2010-01-26 05:01:16 +0000 #1
want the baby to swim, preferably in Liuliqiao more from my house near where
gxj9812172010-01-26 05:08:56 +0000 #2
Good Baby (Beijing) Infant Swimming professional massage club

club description:

China Eugenic Science Association Children's Health Education Working Committee for scientific, standardized to promote the baby to swim in the whole society, specially set up a "potential for early development of the baby project" baby swimming project, good baby (Beijing) Infant swimming club professional massage is the basis of this purpose, using current the most advanced swimming equipment, hire the most professional nurses, with the most elegant environment, the most professional service for each baby in my swimming club to provide the most professional, highest quality, most secure service, equipped with top-water demineralized water system, jointly developed with parents of baby swimming professional massage to promote the baby's future, as well as IQ, EQ's potential development, so that parents witnessed the baby's healthy growth, so that your baby to win the starting line in life.

Good baby baby swimming club of professional massage services: infant swimming, professional massage, bathing, health care, child care salon, free reason lanugo, making baby products, Mummy a big classroom and other services.

More of a concern, more of a love, care of baby's healthy future!

Solemn promise:

a child a tank of water!

Good Baby (Beijing) Infant Swimming professional massage club

Address: Beijing Fengtai District Liuliqiao Lianxiang Park 15, North Lane Building 904. (81 plants west 100 meters)

Tel :010-63992797 ,010-59482289



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