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foreverlovehhh2010-01-26 05:02:08 +0000 #1
I have seen personally that he can roll straight in the water more than 10 times more than I take a good swim and roll spectacles found in just a nose on the sad, and why he can do I can not, we have brought a swimming glasses
ss198511012010-01-26 05:04:54 +0000 #2
problem in the nose, when you roll the nose upward into the water, of course, and try to roll when the nose and the top stock gas, or wear nose clips, Niezhaobizai can
yibenwanli19832010-01-26 05:20:02 +0000 #3
clamps were attached to the nose, live in the nose ------
TeammateKiller2010-01-26 05:37:53 +0000 #4
When the horizontal and the nose uneven rows, you can choose to breath. Too easy呀. If the nose clip, it would not be impossible, personal feelings are not used to ... ...
zhuyanjian2010-01-26 06:36:24 +0000 #5
This is a trick you have not mastered ah, in the roll, the nose should always be breath, and you do not pay attention to see swimming competition, in turn, when the nose Lane will be breath.
Pen off the deep Bischofia Zuiyou2010-01-26 07:25:50 +0000 #6
is to keep the nose of the jet but not a lot of straight
xiongmao252010-01-26 06:01:32 +0000 #7
I will turn! ! ! We are turning the side of the side jet nose, and when I have just learned is also very uncomfortable, and practiced with the practice all right, and practicing more than a few bar! Very professional people, if you imagine her as powerful, it must be determined and practiced hard. Refueling Oh! ! !
Spring in China in Huaman Yuan2010-01-26 06:31:24 +0000 #8
This movement is very simple, movement difficulty lies in grasping the opportunity to ventilate and open can slowly start rolling on the freestyle leg kick, regulating body balance, when the body when breathing in the water samples and other beaches the same posture.



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