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Jade Garden membership card how come

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2 ways one is to map the bottom right corner of the Castlevania side of a wooden tub (see your random character)

the first two kinds of method is left map c. That there are four Master, where the fish were wiped out after a few Master will come out later on, where to buy a villager in his, and he bought Fengshen arch (Nago called the ancient arch) holding a shaman relics of the token and wind (hide store bought) to map the edge of the middle of the npc that Lair, where re-opened Fengshen bow, that the villagers could be killed out of a cursed death of the shovel (preferably Do not take you to take will become a demon Your base into the bottom right corner of the Castlevania), after three wars in the country is basically you have been hit.

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