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I swim 1000 meters is no problem, so the level can cross the Yangtze River do?

Sky static language2010-01-26 06:01:55 +0000 #1
RT, 1000 meters swim in the swimming pool no problem, is not up how tired I am this level can not cross the Yangtze River
2811jzj2010-01-26 06:06:35 +0000 #2
In addition to physical and psychological quality of the accident should also consider the natural environment. . . .
hudie12252010-01-26 06:50:55 +0000 #3
hard! !

Because the Yangtze River water consumption of great need much physical strength!

Very dangerous!
cheng12kl2010-01-26 07:12:20 +0000 #4
You are on paper.
Lucky Xiaomao2010-01-26 07:16:35 +0000 #5
be able to swim 1000 meters, more people are countless, but it can not swim the Yangtze River a few
I am willing to address the dragons dead2010-01-26 06:53:49 +0000 #6
Spring Divine Huaman Yuan2010-01-26 07:43:51 +0000 #7
your so-called 1,000-meter swim in the pool is The static water environment, swimming, and the Yangtze River water is moving around, swim into the process, the water resistance of big, physical exertion is great demand for Yong Ji also high, so those who swim across the Yangtze River is the courage, strength , a comprehensive test of skill needs to accumulate some experience and stamina.
TeammateKiller2010-01-26 09:32:18 +0000 #8
hydrostatic and dynamic feeling of the water is not the same. If the safety measures to protect, then you can try.

Or you can go with webbed feet.



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