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I ask how to swim to lose weight, such as a few days a week?

G158341952010-01-26 07:01:44 +0000 #1
I was 173, weighing 80 kg

think Tour a few minutes breathing can not keep up the

was nearly choking me

did not swim a long time.

If the swimming time in accordance with science, then how long can I travel to the 68 kg weight loss to the.
cidy005202010-01-26 07:14:10 +0000 #2
upstairs that if the proposed Louzhu when the two did not see the best. Produced the first point first, you need to know the game only freestyle weight to achieve the best results, and with your weight for more than 1 hour a day to have time to begin to burn excess fat effect. In fact, swimming is not weight loss is the best way (after all it is winter you do not want to have pneumonia, the hospital's right?), Swimming, weight loss is relatively rapid, but not the best and most healthy, swimming, weight loss will let you change it back thick, widened shoulders, if you are male, then on okay, girls do not swim on a diet! There is no shortcut to weight loss ... more money, then you can go to the professional cosmetic plastic surgery hospital, and now plastic body shaping technology is mature! Money, then you can do this!!!

Here is what I fat down the recent cut in 15 years plan, I had 170 pounds of girls, 162CM, now 102 pounds, the time spent there a year (the course I have a stagnation period)! for reduction is very slow. but it will not make you feel hungry, it will not say anything do not eat anything! and very healthy, not how to spend money, the most important thing is to lose weight is not exhausted your skin loose, will not change ruf ...

Weight Loss Program: 6:00 pm must have been before the meal 1 hour -3 hour walk a day (brisk walking do not want to walk, or become fat leg muscles, it can not lose ugly Lo), breakfast must eat, but also very nutritious to eat, eat lunch, dinner to eat less dinner if you can, it's best not to eat starch (vegetables and meat can be eaten like other Kuang Chi). ensure that started within 1 week to see significant results (I was a minus 3 kg a week or so). can not be said to eat or not eat meat, because when you lose weight do not eat these, you will be more easy to be hungry, more of want to eat, except to say eat a little less so than usual.

but no way to lose weight when you stop at a certain level, the body need 4-5 months to maintain many of the methodologies are not without effect, but a lot of obese people did not go to the maintenance, not properly maintained, it will be more fat than ever before. there is no rebound in such an argument.
2811jzj2010-01-26 07:16:14 +0000 #3
should be approximately 20-30 minutes, the amount of 1,000 m to exercise, weight loss results will be very obvious. Usually also with diet, it is necessary nutrients but also low-fat, I would recommend to eat more fruits and vegetables, a kind of food, or so you do not have time to swim, or do not want to swim in that there will be a rebound phenomenon. As for how to reach that amount depends on your own, and moves the standard should be no problem, breathing must have its own rhythm, I suggest you learn from the breaststroke, the ventilation is relatively simple, vital capacity increased in considering the other swimming. . Land along with certain equipment, swimming, after all, is reduced, muscle mass is not obvious.
oo53532010-01-26 08:07:49 +0000 #4
before you move. Society after the 2,000 meters to 3,000 meters per day. 3 months began to thin, and long-term adherence time, body sculpting, the better. Is not recommended diet, diet will cause weight rebound. Be reduced to a time when you are relatively satisfied, you can swim three times a week to maintain.
7 cup of tea2010-01-26 08:43:42 +0000 #5
sad to say, if you absolutely, swimming does not lose weight, you want to lose weight The key is to take more exercise, eat less. Your calorie intake should be less than the calories you burn, you will lose weight. Give you an hour of swimming a heat consumption as a reference

swimming (butterfly) 938 kcal

swimming (freestyle) 623 kcal

swimming (breaststroke) 402 kcal

of course depends on your speed, is desperately or fallow. Both fall far short of this is only a reference

and then you eat the appetite to calculate calorie intake, you can play a good plan to lose weight purposes.



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