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How this dream a dream to swim jump off the wall solution

li235247002010-01-26 10:01:34 +0000 #1
Last night I dreamed of a big river and then swim the river is a waterfall that the water of the river going to go up this time I would go visit the upper reaches of the river bank just to see friends on the walk he saw the emergency to He helped me to pull up the coast at this time ashore again encountered difficulties in going home to be climbed over a wall to wall, high, high, that a friend (not a friend) to help me on the wall, I can say whatever they dare not jump to this When do not know where to see a friend go to a quilt quilt shop, I shop all how he feels far away and then came an old lady holding a bamboo pole bamboo poles that Biemang he take down the wall to let down my friends shun me a bamboo pole down swinging in a hurry, I do not have a few bamboo poles direct jump to their dream of how this solution ah
s4584268592010-01-26 10:12:43 +0000 #2
I think, swimming Well ... ... may be financial resources to roll. But the quilt shop is that financial resources have been buried in the ground. Is a counter-dream, one will be financial resources come - not any of the! What has happened is that as good.
shenhuicong2010-01-26 10:44:10 +0000 #3
impossible solution, is you want too much. In normal, but a dream. Estimate is that you are frequently encountered in peacetime, or formation of the subconscious mind and then the dream appeared Bale



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