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Singing to how breathing

Ace of Spades Hsiao Ke2010-01-26 12:01:17 +0000 #1
I have always felt emboldened enough to sing how to use gas it
trumpet for chariots child RO seed2010-01-26 12:08:36 +0000 #2
no ventilation may also be used in breath when singing songs with the flavor does not want to even

we are music teacher taught us to practice the method of breath buy candle lit candle flame slowly towards blowing to be very uniform

let flames oblique side of the essentially long term resident on the excel when the usual

there is often thought they inhale a deep breath deeply that it does not spend a lot of time such as when taking a bath and thought on the trip

really long as we adhere to practice often be helpful

on the right to sing songs breathe and several methods for how to inhale smoke and how call, is a fundamental need not consider the matter. This function of the human body, from the nature, physical terms, in the time and singing when they speak is completely the same, but its use is there are significant differences between the two. When speaking of people do not need to consider at what time, what method of breathing. Atmosphere and out of traffic, as long as it thinks fit may be much or as little, as he had ample opportunity to breathe. Breathe into his unnecessary where, but need to breathe the breath of fixed in a position to support a specific length and intensity of the sound, the ventilation rate there is no limit. In short, is arbitrary and free. Singing the situation is different. Singing those who want to consciously try to inhale, and maintain the distribution of the inhaled breath of a certain number to be issued in the sound, while every sound has its specific height, length, strength. Singing songs, the singer only in the ending when and lyrics, phrases and other expressions permission before they can be ventilation. In short, there is awareness, prepared and planned. Singing the need breath, it is not the air suction the better it? Friends you must have had such experience: for fear of not enough air, they inhale a lot of air, the results still feel that not enough air, and the singing Biede feel uncomfortable. This is because too much suction too full, too many forced respiratory muscle groups, resulting in muscle stalemate has resulted in too much smoke flavor that will affect the normal song. Then, the number of breath inhalation be considered better? This is a can not be used to answer the question, it is only through the feeling of singers to "calculate." It should be said, singing is an exciting yet relaxed breathing cycle of the process. Inspiratory time, maintain a positive, relaxed state, positive refers to the excitement up, relax is the sigh down feeling. This positive, relaxed state, must first have the correct singing posture: a modest lift the chest, shoulders sag, neck relaxed, two head-God, with a smile (a smile from the bottom of hearts) . To maintain this position, inhale through the following several methods of learning, to appreciate the proper singing breathing.

(1) a sigh-type suction: As you know, sighing in everyday life is a very common phenomenon, it is also a relaxed downward. It is conducive to the relaxation of inspiratory muscle groups in order to better breath inhalation. This is done after the first sigh smoke, do you think the main heart sigh, rather than suction. When the breath with the "sigh" was discharged later, expiratory muscle groups work done, and inspiratory muscle groups and then will immediately begin work - inspiration, the circle is done automatically. If you want to mind is the suction, it will make your breathing muscles are always in a working state and can not relax, will be difficult for a normal breath was inhaled. Note: sigh there on the sucked there, not to arbitrarily make a mandatory action. Sing the process, we need to maintain the feeling of a sigh, every phrases are so, create a good respiratory and circulatory.

(2) smell artistic inspiration: Wen fancy suction suction method is easy to make too deep, and there is no sound when inhaling exhaust and excess movements, but also easier to understand and master. Wen Hua, because of the feelings of flowers makes special joy, to identify flowers Shi You request the Special seriously and carefully, is a feeling of both relaxation and excitement. Specific inspiratory are: upper body completely relaxed, very comfortable waist aspire to release, then the chest is also a sense of relaxation, the body makes room for increased flow naturally into the atmosphere. Such inspiration both loose Chang also moderate suction descendants became very excited and chest spacious feeling. With this sense of inspiration to singing, breath smooth, mellow sound. Wen fancy may be openings can also be closed, closed mouth can not be closed when the tight, too tight will affect the speed and flexibility into the air. Simple breathing exercises, can be used closed suction. Singing is best natural open mouth and nose while breathing better. Whether closed or open with the nose and inhale at the same time, the most critical thing is to understand the feeling when you breath into the body.

(3) surprise surprise-type suction-type breathing, is to use people surprised when the physiological make rapid response to achieve the purpose of rapid breathing. This breathing was fast and both the suction of the suction deeper, it can be completed in an instant group of respiratory muscle contraction and relaxation cycle, to temper the rapid respiratory flexibility. This breathing also known as "breathing." The performance of grief and indignation emotional effect is good. The above three kinds of breathing methods to learn and master the one hand, by doing some simple exercises, such as the fast suction quick call, fast call slow absorption, slow smoking fast calls and slow absorption slow respiratory exercises; (it is not a major is only a supplementary exercises). On the other hand is in singing to practice, which is the main practice, because a purely physical action of breathing is not combined with singing, singing the kind of needed deep breathing, can not be loose, that is, Singing a good suction only in the singing practice to get. In addition, there are some songs emotional needs under the suction method. If qi: it is the emotional need for a coherent continuous but breathing, while preserving the original flavor on the part of the supplement into the air to go, so that breath to maintain full status. "Theft": the word used in many fast tunes when the ventilation between phrases, movements should be agile, quick and less suction. Singing in the atmosphere to keep breathing and use of singing friends have had such an experience: singing often feel short of breath, gas is inadequate, and Yue Changyue choke, very difficult. This is not the use of breath and maintain the atmosphere, although on a deep inhale smoke, but sing a song, the atmosphere was soon floating on the come, or will soon fled. Then, suction action is completed, should be how to maintain and use of the inhaled breath then?

(1) Singing in the state to maintain inspiratory sucking gas, there is a momentary pause, which is breathing, the natural gas before a brief pause, this pause creates suction and the use of air forces 2 The confrontation, when gas power to make full use of such confrontation. It not only can keep the depth of flavor, but also to make singing even when the flavor, smooth, durable. Carefully to understand what this fight is actually a suction to maintain the state. I smoke a gas state with singing, just a feeling, in fact, one can also in the process of singing into the air to suck, but the feeling can be achieved with this purpose to maintain flavor. This state can guarantee the balance of sound location and atmosphere, but also to maintain a certain depth and atmosphere unimpeded, in the singing process, the flavor of the more inadequate, and more is to maintain this state of inspiration. Breathing exercises to keep the state song: First, doing the quiet practice, sucking gas, gently touch the tip of the tongue under the incisor issue a "Cecil" sound, breath Tude as long as you require exhaled breath to be uniform , smooth and slow, so that "Cecil" sound the same intensity can not be suddenly strong, and suddenly weak, slower breath longer, the more we can understand the role call of confrontation with the smoke, and the need for conscious control of breath power. There is a use of the traditional vocal Chuila Zhu chi-training methods. Will be a lighted candle placed in front of Chuila Zhu when not allowed to blow out the candles. Asked slowly the candle flames blowing in one direction, and the flame should be steady, can not be big swings. Practice, if your lumbar and abdomen are sore feelings show when you find the breath to control the fight or the right feeling.

(2), singing songs in the state to remain prone to sighing breath and hold your breath not enough phenomenon, in addition to not live with the suction to keep the state related to another point is that with the breath does not relax. Singing in the atmosphere needs to be controlled to maintain the breath smooth and lasting use. However, if the atmosphere has been over-control, would cause respiratory, respiratory muscle groups rigid and inflexible. Lead to breath can not be smooth, not for long. How do inhaled breath to keep both do not stiff? The best way is to relax and sigh. Are talking about here in terms of easing the stalemate is over. Sigh sigh refers to the feeling, rather than all of the body call out of gas. Sigh action is in the habit of our lives move, everyone would do, but also relatively easy to find a relaxed feeling. On the positive atmosphere to maintain the excitement, the feeling can not be ignored to the use of sighing singing, so that not only the depth and breath, but also natural, relaxed, smooth. Sigh state using the song, we should pay attention not sound out of breath, or else gas sound out of line, it is difficult to keep living your breath. That state is singing in the sighing and maintaining inspiratory states exist, and that a party can not be missing. They make the exhaled breath to keep both but not stiff, not only to relax but they are not breathing muscles completely relaxed. This breath method also known as "rub gas." Means: inhalation of breath chest, the waist, abdominal muscle groups like a dough-like manner outward slowly and resilient "rubbed out". Sigh state to keep singing, if you feel stiff and not inflation on waist and abdomen, chest expansion and not hold back, out of breath controlled, when your feeling is basically right. Continue to build on this feeling. Falsetto voice with the gas so-called "falsetto" refers to the concert, through the conscious control but only the part of the vocal fold vibration occurs issued to the voice which is more than by the entire vocal fold vibration "true voice" to Gaoyao weaker And there is a bright and transparent tone feeling. Most pop singers (both male and female) is his real singing voice in order to obtain a natural, friendly, close to the spoken style. Some female singers (such as Chi Yu, Huang Yingying) in a wide range singing, art song Zeyi strong falsetto-based. Male singers perform vocal falsetto voices, often used, such as the United States, "Simon and Jiafenkeer" quartet group Jiafenkeer, and Taiwan's "Youkelilin" quartet group Lin Zhixuan so. This is also the style of country music trio's an important feature. However, like "modern talking" (Modern Talking) as the lead singer of the net with the gentle falsetto of male singer to sing not be high. Issued by a beautiful falsetto, the key is to have a relatively high sound position, in the use of falsetto voice when you should pay attention to the interface between true and false smooth transition smooth, can not have broken. Generally speaking, falsetto comparative lack of intensity, but when necessary, can also be converted into a falsetto half-truths, half-shouting cries of the half-dumb. Many heavy metal rock singer likes to use husky falsetto to sing. Falsetto voice can also be as a modification of the method, combining voice of true and false "mixed voice" can produce a soft, delicate, slightly misty artistic effect. Compare Angus Tung Tu Honggang concert with the "life passing," the former is the true sound of pure, while the latter using a range of sounds between the genuine and fake sound to singing. Liu Huan and Qi Qin sings "about during the winter" have such a distinction. Angus Tung's "forget," Wu Sikai "special love for you to a special" sound between true and false use of a sudden conversion, Dadawa "a true story" at the end of falsetto singing Cadenza are pop falsetto common application method. Whitney. Houston's "All the love you have left" in the first mixture with the warm sound of singing in the bass area gently, and then the true upright high-pitched sound of the song gradually to a climax and, until the highest point of the song sudden switch to a very gentle falsetto. This is the sound of singing in the use of true and false conversion of changes in the performance of the emotional ups and downs of a good example. China often so-called "air sound of singing." In fact, "air sound" and not become a "singing", but a voice application skills. Gas sound superior or inferior to this silent style points, the key is to not be abused. If grasping time machine, used properly, can play a role in the finishing touch. Such as the U.S. singer Lionel. Ritchie singing "Hello" (Hello) in the chorus at first lay out with the passionate voices repeated the final sound of gently sending gas soon as "I love you", very expressive. Teresa Teng is one of Taiwan's very good at using the gas acoustic singer. And gas sound like there is "ululation" and "break the sound." Use must also be very careful.

Should pay attention to singing from the bass to the treble, the vocal cords from the main vibration, part of vibrations to the edge of the vibration process is evolving, but the sound from top to bottom to achieve reunification, and to listen to no change in the scene. Such as the master well, muscle contraction will be rigid, sound can not be unified from top to bottom, or even break the sound will be issued to affect the effect of singing. Sing the popular songs also have to be "true voice is not deep-fried," "falsetto is true." Note: Many popular is to sing the falsetto singing fans caused by a "nominal." Even cause acute hoarse voice. There are those who practice falsetto technique, first strengthen the singing breath control. Popular Singing voice features today we talk about the sound characteristics of popular singing. In this regard, the following aspects should be taken into account.

First, the holders of popular singing shall sound scientific methods to understand and become familiar with common law, and strive to change the spontaneous style with throat habits, his customary way with the throat into the science and sound track.

Second, from the common law of scientific voice in efforts to find a basis for pop singing voice personality. In other words, every speech singing songs from the sound and resonate with the flow of parts to the atmosphere such aspects as, for popular music concerts to find reasonable. Pure imitation, or to change the habit of indiscriminate use of throat, with the throat from the emotional approach to a rational way with the throat.

Third, the popular singing, regardless of their scientific or not, as a genre has been formed with the throat, and the overwhelming majority of amateur vocal fans to accept. Because of its popularity, popular, and unique singing personality, but also in various competitions and professional vocal role on the field. Therefore, it is undeniable that this concert must have its unique approach, and we should be concerned about the vocal music industry. The following is only to make a few personal views on the characteristics of popular singing voice.

1. Breathing is the fundamental, "as the sound of the air", "breathing is the power of singing." As one of the popular art of vocal singing singing, the same can not do without breath support. Breathing in popular singing in the use of emotion when it is with music, songs, style, when combined, may have their uniqueness.

[Respiratory performance of]

a different song content, contains different emotions. Popular songs singing attaches great importance to strengthening and externalization of emotions, while the use of breathing is key. For example, in a very sad expression sad, deep emotional connotations, the breathing used very strong, vocal deliberately incomplete closure, resulting in a leak like a husky voice, and take this with a voice hoarse and deep colors, exaggerated, externalization from the audience (the audience) truly feel this emotion. Song "Candlelight Lane's mom" in this sentence: 440,610,123,222 The "mouth", "swallow" the word, you can use a little hoarse voice to sing, to demonstrate the hero has been unable to control their own emotions, in order to strengthen the voice of appealing. Another example is a strong lyricism to express a kind of good feeling when you search for, and memories, breathing should be used in soft uniform, with the vocal cords form a best fit, this soft mellow voice of color, the respiratory control and the use of the vocal expression on the skills. Such as "curved Moon", "billows" and "The Moon through the flower-filled" and other tracks of the concert may apply method has been applied.In addition, expression of intense emotion, when the rough breathing depth and strength must be enhanced at the waist to form a strong strain state of the diaphragm, the sound can there be explosive, issue is almost similar to the cries of the voices of color. Such as the movie "Red Sorghum" in two episodes: "Your sister boldly go forward," "wine songs" and so on, these two songs in melody had been relegated to secondary importance, while the emotional expression is almost a natural state, that is talked about earlier, when the second manual nervous, emotional, respiratory state of extreme excitement. As a lively emotion, they are required to be light and smooth the flow of breath and not be too deep, no need for stronger efforts, such as "gently tell you", "Dasan love songs" and so on.

[On the "air sound singing"]

pop singing in the breath is characterized by the use of another "air sound singing" application, which not only enriches the performance of popular singing ability, but also for vocal performance art adds a new手段.

"Qi sound singing" is a gas and sound do not follow the law and the combination of vocal styles. The normal sound rule to require breath vibrating vocal cords, the two vocal cords to be closed while the voice, which sounds more loud and strong, and the "sound of singing gas" is intended to prevent vocal cords completely closed to allow air flow through the vibration is not completely issued when vocal cords. In such a voice, because the airflow with a clear voice, leaving the sound a bit bleak colors, virtual wan, and even with some Yasheng. This sounds even more natural kind, has a special appeal. Li Guyi in the "air sound singing," There are prominent use of the results, her singing of "Xiang Lian" (TV series "Legend of the Three Gorges" episode), and the movie "flower" in the episode "Ronghua", etc. to the people left a deep impression.

2. Vocal organs of the state of motion [vocal] In popular singing, the vocal's main function is to pronounce, that is, two vocal cords vibrating in the air when closed and the sound. However, in order to express the songs of a particular emotion, or performance of some special style, charm song, when the air vibration of vocal cords, the two can be closed part of the vocal cords, while allowing another part is not closed, resulting in leakage phenomenon. Vocal cord function at this time, it is not just pronunciation, but also has to express feelings or performance style all of the function. As in the previous section, "air sound of singing," as described.

[Hypopharynx and the soft palate]

in the singing of the resonance cavity, hypopharyngeal cavity is the dominant resonance cavity. Singing in the popular voice, the hypopharyngeal cavity even indicate an important role. This is because parts of the voice of hypopharyngeal cavity simple, there is a strong plasticity, while the use of popular singing voice, more emphasis is also natural or semi-natural sound characteristics. In other words, popular than the female voice singing in the hypopharyngeal cavity to open a large number. Deep emotional songs includes some of the songs jump than cheerful emotions also opened a large number. The former, such as "good life of peace," "applause sounded"; the latter, such as "gently tell you," to "take the betel nut and so on." In addition, the different style of singing songs, music genres are different opening and closing of hypopharyngeal cavity state are also different.

Soft palate of the state and the opening and closing of the hypopharynx has a close relationship between laryngopharyngeal cavity open only in the circumstances, to require a soft palate of the state. Popular singing does not need to deliberately raise the soft palate to the manufacture of high position of resonance, whenever studied vocal music, will be flexible and clever use of the soft palate to show the voice of self-cultivation, protection of vocal cords and throat, but also can enhance the expressiveness of the song.

Soft palate of the flexible use of the following situations: in the strong singing voice, the soft palate can be with the throat open and natural lift; in singing treble, the soft palate can be properly lifted. This can be broken down as part of a strong airflow to the vocal cords and throat impact, expanding the scope of the resonance the pressure to reduce the throat. But sympathy is not the focus entirely on the lifting of the soft palate at. This is because the soft palate raised, the high position of the resonance colors and throat color is different, if entirely in high position to a concert, is bound to lose the voice characteristics of popular singing. Therefore, even if the soft palate raised, and can only subtly borrowing, but still want to retain the leading hypopharyngeal cavity resonance position. Such as "10 million times to ask" (TV series "Beijingers in New York" theme song), treble to BB2, This is to really pop-based sound with throat singing is quite difficult, but to spend a little bit resonance high position, combined with the organic atmosphere, Treble will be completed some better. Liu Huan's concert will be to achieve the best results, while maintaining the popular singing style, but also shows the treble of colors and emotions, showing his deep grounding in the use of sound methods and techniques of the popular singing difficult to grasp. The flexible use of the soft palate is also reflected in the lyrical nature of strong popular songs. Soft mellow ballad-oriented sound, relaxation smooth, no need to throat tension force, but to loosen to form a hollow shape. At this point, if the soft palate lifted to voice control the soft palate and pharynx, so that even flow of breath, sound, lyrical color bound. This is of course, as the lyrics and music style to be distinguished. Some more mellow mellow love songs. Praise of the motherland and the memory of a class of native songs, some more deep admiration, then the state can make some of the soft palate to fine-tune the sound to show the color differences.

3 Wolves desperately 2222010-01-26 12:38:35 +0000 #3
vital capacity before the next practice if you really like it, go to Music Academy
little liza2010-01-26 12:27:07 +0000 #4
Pokerspiel2010-09-30 12:40:12 +0000 #5
good points and the details are more specific than elsewhere, thanks.

- Murk



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