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To learn to swim behind a What is this? Lenin said】 【

Forest Fennec2010-03-29 11:11:54 +0000 #1

doublehaha2010-03-29 11:13:48 +0000 #2
want to learn to swim, you must first into the water
AK47 Patriotic2010-03-29 11:18:36 +0000 #3
I found a number of Lenin's famous quote

* Friendship founded on comrades to consolidate the sincere, the development in criticism, the ruin of the flattery.

* Friendship is painful to deceive the trauma of false compassion sharp Poison.

* Free hard knowledge friend.

* Fair-weather friends knowledge.

* Do not have equivalent independent effort, regardless of the serious problems which can not find the truth; Who's Afraid of using martial arts, whoever can not find the truth.

* As long as more take a small step, a step in the same direction as if a small step, the truth will become an error variable.

* Missing an opportunity or Zhang Huang-stricken, it means losing everything.

* Won the time is to win everything.

* Rapidly changing moment in history, often even the most advanced political party will also be a considerable period of time can not understand the new situation and the rehabilitation of old slogans, these slogans yesterday is correct, but in today has lost any meaning.

* Wasting people's time is tantamount to murder, wasting their own time is tantamount to suicide.

* Poor peasants in particular there is no culture of food losses, special needs education.

* As long as millions of workers united like a person, follow the excellent character of this class forward, the victory also assured.

* Books are a huge force.

* The universe of science's mission is to provide a real photo.

* We do not need to read the hard dead bear in mind that we need to use basic knowledge to develop and enhance each learner's thinking ability.

* Study, study and study again! School, and then know enough.

* We must give ourselves such a task: first, learning, and the second is to learn, the third is to learn.

* As long as willing to learn, they will be able to learn.

* The task of the young in general, especially the Communist Youth League and all other organizations, the task can be expressed in one sentence, that is, to learn.

* In any school, the most important ideological and political orientation of the curriculum is totally determined by the teaching staff.

* Should be shoulder length with his head.

* Who will not rest, one who will not work.

* Party's task is all the work of state organs overall leadership, rather than as at present over-frequent ... ... tend to interfere in matters of detail.

* Only when the whole population to participate in management work, can be completely anti-bureaucratic struggle to fully overcome bureaucracy.

* Ethics can help to rise to a higher level of human society, so that the system of labor exploitation from human society.

* The real task of building a communist society it is up to the young people undertake.

* Talk less and do more nice things, do more mundane everyday things ......

* judge a person, not according to his own confession or to their own views, but according to his actions.

* Ning pears a better, not a basket of rotten pears. Active work hard and dedicated people, even if only two or three, nor more than 10 energetic gray anybody's control.

* To be a big business success, we must start from the trivial.

* As long as millions of workers were united as a people, to follow the progress of this class of outstanding figures, the victory also assured.

* Workers organization, discipline, perseverance and solidarity with workers around the world is a guarantee of final victory.

* The current task is, even in the most difficult conditions, but also mining ore, refining of pig iron, cast the Marxist world outlook, as well as compatible with this view of the world the purity steel superstructure.

* Just go one small step, a step in the same direction as if a small step, the truth will become an error variable.

* Marx believed that the theory meets the reality is that the sole criterion for the theory.

* Must have the courage to face harsh truths.

* Patriotism is fixed for thousands of years against their own country one of the most profound feelings.



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