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Come winter swimming off

Ship Morning Reading2010-01-26 12:01:54 +0000 #1
Winter Swimming reportedly very good, I think there are a few questions asked:

(1) up from the water, due to surface water, whether it will feel cold?

(2) into the water, the body will produce heat, and warm. If the body could not produce the heat it has continued to feel cold, how can we do?

(3) Winter swimming a bit like cold baths. So, whether the person regularly winter swimming can be 5-10 degrees directly in the room with hot water bath?
cdyangyang2010-01-26 12:14:43 +0000 #2
1, not, because your body red of blood to the body surface, has not feel the cold (due to heat water than air). The key is not the wind

2, what is your body not, not to participate. Winter swimming is not a sudden be

3, winter swimming much worse than the cold-water bath.

It can be 5-10 degrees directly in the room with hot water bath?

Did not understand the meaning. Is exhausted or a normal tour?

The case of travel, the non-washing water

the case of normal times, there is no problem
wyqmh2010-01-26 12:47:24 +0000 #3
⑴ up from the water they will not feel cold, but skin redness, fever (as long as not too much the case of swimming)

⑵ into the water, After the normal healthy body will produce heat, after a short cold stimulation of different parts of the body may feel will be fever, while slowly began to feel cold. But usually in the absence of cold conditions should be on the.

⑶ winter swimming and cold baths are not the same as the regular winter swimming person can only say that he can adapt to winter swimming and the other does not seem to. And if the effect would be out of trouble!



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