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How to improve the water environment that the use of Breaststroke Technique

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lhzymj2010-01-26 13:16:04 +0000 #2
Louzhu do not know what it is the kind of environment.

Breaststroke swimming in terms of simple step divided into two parts. The hands and feet.

Ready to hand movements. Bending as much as possible close to 90 °. Two palm folded protrusion

1. 2 separated from the palm outwards and shoulders the same width

2. Elbow paddle, fingers down, palm back paddle to the chest

3. Hold water, palm close up on the chest Previous

4. cantilevers, back to ready to move


ready to move. feet feet close together and straight

1. income. Knees received calf, beginners do well on the road action kicked their heels to the buttocks is better. The process of income to keep her legs close together. Toes Bengzhi.

2. Turn. Calf separated toe hook up, try to make the inside of right foot to the behind. Thighs close together to maintain position.

3. Tread. Backward direction along the tread separate calf out.

4. Clip. Legs folded back to prepare actions. (Skilled, will tread, clip together to form a movement to do)

* suggestions: first, do a good job done on the ground places the action in the water.
200,912,503,1282010-01-26 13:09:49 +0000 #3
read more books, more in-situ practice, the consolidation movement was faster progress



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