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Newborn babies to swim, what note

好想好想to do2010-01-26 16:01:02 +0000 #1
just-born babies to swim, what the lookout for? What are the particular need attention to it?
gourd 672010-01-26 16:12:06 +0000 #2
【Gold Baby Infant Swimming experts to provide answers】

1, non-fasting, can not eat too full.

2, when they are sick Do not swim

3, congenital heart disease can not swim

4, crying serious, not reluctantly

5, can not suddenly after swimming outdoors

6, baby swimming, the parents can not be ignored.
ayakiforever2010-01-26 16:48:35 +0000 #3
The first is the water temperature is generally controlled at 37-38 degrees in the summer properly cool a little in winter, proper thermal 1:00 -
, followed by baby swimming swimming laps, not too tight, will嘞uncomfortable, too loose, then the water leak up. Also note that your baby's ears, not to be folded lap swimming, swimming laps should be placed on top, water on the trouble. .

Then, for the first time in about 10 minutes swimming time, if the baby to adapt to the good, the future can be increased to 20 minutes, but be careful not happy because the baby travel more than 30 minutes, swimming a very strenuous. More than 30 minutes on the bad. .

In general we choose to eat milk, around 40-60 minutes to swim, not just eat milk, 10000 on the tour. .

If the umbilical has not been well, you should use care umbilical paste to prevent the umbilical water.

You can give your baby after finished doing the massage and promote good feeling. . .

Temporary thinking on these. . . . Hehe - all previous work experience, oh -



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