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Will the college the benefits of physical activity, please answer over the age of 45 I would be grat

thghgbhx2010-01-26 16:01:26 +0000 #1
I swim 6 times a week, each tour 1500 frog, is practicing the butterfly stroke.
Its47timenow2010-01-26 16:08:39 +0000 #2
because people high school pressure, thus resulting in a lack of exercise time! In poor health! University is a way to make everyone unforgettable memories! And in universities, sports an absolute majority of boys and 50% of the time, college life! Therefore, the university can not only physical fitness movement, but also a good time you and I enjoy the college the best time!

I think your exercise program well! Swimming can not only increase the people's heart and lung functions, but also the best body sculpting exercise! If you insist on tour, then a perfect inverted triangle body should not be a dream! But I suggest that you should gradually reduce the run-length breaststroke, increasing freestyle Run! The best campaign bill was a week to swim at least three times, each time from the 500, which started from the 100 and the final sprint from the 100, and then caught in the middle and then some 50 butterfly or 100 speed frog, etc.! This training will be better together, but also to better improve your skills! Ping and I suggest that you do not hurry to learn butterfly, we must learn freestyle first, and to skillfully so as to avoid actions you later want to change is difficult to modify the trouble!

My proposal on so much, I hope you can be happy where ever comfortable!



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