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Winter swimming right?

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Natural Waters Winter Swimming the best

natural waters are the most appropriate venues, including rivers, lakes, artificial reservoirs, outdoor swimming pool and other waters. As the outdoor environment, adequate sunlight, fresh air, clean water, can make good use of air, sunlight and water exercises. It should be noted: First, to understand the water quality, there is no pollution, but also find out underwater, including water depth, gate areas, rapids trends, underwater debris and aquatic plants such as the availability. Second, be careful not to freeze during the physical contact of metal objects, walking on the ice should wear slippers, and to prevent scratching or frostbite. Swimming in the sea should choose the beach, no rocks on the shore. The freezing point of sea water than fresh water due to lower water temperatures in the northern areas are often less than zero is still freezing, so cold in the winter season than in fresh water but also to stimulate strong, stay in the water time should be relatively reduced.


Select Winter Swimming Winter Swimming the best time, according to their personal life and exercise habits, working conditions vary. Since the winter of Tian Han, to swim at noon most appropriate. At this point sufficient sunlight, the temperature is relatively high, for serving lovers, the use of lunch time for winter swimming more convenient. Should be noted that not too severe winter swimming after a meal, so as not to affect the digestion.

Morning winter swimming has the advantage of fresh air, water, the net waves slow, riparian and coastal high content of negative oxygen ions, but the drawback is that colder temperatures, sunlight is not sufficient, the water temperature is the lowest of the day. Winter Swimming enough light at night, prone to accidents, should be particularly careful.

Winter Swimming particular attention to the head warm in the water when you swim as far as possible to maintain the level of physical condition, swimming in order to smooth swim the breaststroke for the best. When the water temperature is low, the rise of breaststroke to take the posture of the head to avoid being cold-water stimulation of the frail and the elderly are more important.

For the year-round outdoor swimming people, in the warmer season, using a variety of positions better than a single swimming can be extended to swim the distance, while the body muscles and heart and lung function have been fully exercise. For the elderly, they should try to avoid jumping into the water, so as to avoid an instant speed up the heart rate and increased blood pressure caused by the disease. In addition, when the water temperature close to zero, the incremental approach should be taken into the water, namely: feet, lower limbs, waist, chest and gradually into the water. Feet first contact with cold water, can cause skin, internal organs and muscle temperature, so that the body get a good pre-stimulus to ease the sudden cold stimulation.

Repeat the water to the water is above 10 ℃

repeat is defined as the use of sub-tour winter swimming, multiple water method. You can take advantage of this method repetitive stimulation of cold water will be cold bath and air bath closely. It is noteworthy that, when the water temperature and air temperature above 10 degrees Celsius, using this method can achieve better training results, for example, swim 50 to 100 meters each, rest 3-5 minutes on shore. But when the water temperature at 5 degrees Celsius, with temperatures below zero degrees Celsius, there will be too strong in the water and on land, the cold stimulation and heat, which is not conducive to winter swimming's health and safety.

Some of the best results before meals Exercise Winter Swimming felt that fed to the Winter Swimming relatively strong and there will be more heat, in fact, this practice is not scientific. The digestive organs are sensitive to the reaction temperature and thermal stimulation can cause digestive excitement, cold stimuli were played inhibit fed immediately after the winter swimming affect digestion and absorption, easily lead to acute gastritis and other digestive diseases. The winter swimming before meals, no new fat cells into fatty acids, through the campaign will be easier for its "mobilization" out into the heat consumed the best results.
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personal view is that bad, because it is, and traditional Chinese medicine and natural health contrary to the truth, at least not suitable for ordinary people.
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good and bad news呀?
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The five benefits of winter swimming

Winter Swimming There are many advantages, the biggest benefit of course, keep fit. There are many examples of this point, but also by many people who have first-hand experience of the discussion was very lively and the image of the. Although the fitness effects of winter swimming, there are still different views, but the winter swimming team's main class is mainly constituted by knowledge of such a fact in itself is the most positive and convincing evidence.

Winter Swimming's second-largest advantage is that the spirit of regulation. Running a busy day you can not help physically and mentally exhausted, encountered gas in a few things will not ring true with your mind, blocking much and feel uncomfortable. Winter swimming is a way for the body and nervous movement, subject to such a strength of stimulation, the people will be wonderful to relax, fatigue, and tired brain can often vanish.

Winter Swimming the third advantage is that cold. This hearing may be some hard to understand, in fact, that is, the ancients said, "extremes meet", the cold water was frozen after they have never been colder in other things. Cold wind so that those with hats, scarves, masks her face was wrapped Yanyanshishi people fear, and the faces of those who were blown winter swimming as if in March gentle spring breeze. Modern people with their own nutritional intake of cold fact, no problem, many people do not understand this point, they tried to themselves and the generations born in the natural isolation, such an environment, to adapt to the consequences of an anti - field is greater than an influenza. The winter swimming were almost as cold insulation.

11.24 a few years ago occurred in the shipwreck, so I thought of another winter swimming benefits: self-help. "Shun" wheel of the 312 individuals survive 22, 13 of which were rescued by nearby ships, while the other nine have their own swim to or drift to the shore of the rescued. The only survivor of female Miss Dong Ying their own travel and go ashore to go back, and she was a winter swimming enthusiasts. The water temperature at the time, the right of life and death of so many insurmountable this more than 1 nautical mile distance, they are not difficult winter swimming were on board another chic winter swimming enthusiasts were a bit too far, he went to swim ashore after the stopped a taxi on the road Guzi running, after a while so good to find the relevant authorities. This example may be too extreme, though I Wuyue generation grew up in rivers and lakes, shipwreck, stumble the possibility of drowning, after all very small. This example may suffice to prove: Life's tough and vitality only when it is only in the extreme challenges of fully displayed.

You just turn on the TV look at the sports channel, the white race has a monopoly on virtually all risk-taking or extreme colors with the sport, and China's so-called "sports people" in the vast majority of you behave playing Guangbo Cao, magnolia boxing, table tennis, jogging a class of low-intensity sport. This would enhance the development of sports people's health? I doubt very much! The image of a prosperous nation should be swift and fierce, and should be full of masculine and bloody, this is my opinion, the fifth of the benefits of winter swimming.

Winter Swimming Benefits

1, inspirational - to develop courage, temper the will to overcome difficulties.

2, recreation - winter swimming were all psychosomatic health; Winter Swimming tense atmosphere also makes the pace of life and indifferent relationships can be improved.

3, disease prevention - prevention of cold winter swimming, winter swimming strong cold stimulus has a unique effect on some chronic diseases.

Winter Swimming autumn outing both affordable

brought winter swimming, and many people talk about "cold" pale, little scared. Thus, depending on the winter swimming for fun, can adapt to winter swimming are only a few. While the majority of swimming enthusiasts, to promote autumn outing, more practical significance. 9,10 month, the water temperature with the temperature from 25 ℃ -12 ℃ slow decline was balanced in general can all meet; the courage to be bigger, swim to the winter solstice.

Winter Swimming talking about science

1, step by step - the beginning of those who practice winter swimming, should "start the summer, autumn and adaptation, winter clearance." 2, varies with individuals - not according to each condition (including gender, age, physical fitness, fat, thin, Yong Ji) travel different distances and time, must not be stereotyped. 3, persistently and constantly - the beginning of training are the best swim every day, that is, a week old Winter Swimming should not be less than two or three. Properly handle the "less travel and more travel" relationship. From the beginning of winter, the day, YOU Yi 200 meters
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can only say that both advantages and disadvantages, but also vary. However, in Chinese medicine, is not promoted, the winter is the main collection.
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I feel quite good, and can make better health ah



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