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How to complain swimming pool! How to rise to leaders of relevant departments of the attention?

hkyyc742010-01-26 17:01:58 +0000 #1
Hongkou Swimming Club is the Shanghai Hongkou District, as well as "age" the longest swimming pool, had the brilliant today no longer exists, today's Hongkou Swim Club "miscellaneous, arbitrary, small, chaotic leadership, entrenched" seldom see the pool around the very crowded, close to swimming pool walls are made of a nursing home, an outdoor swimming pool, a bus parking station, a door no rest for about 20 places, parents see their children training in large glass areas are not, changing Room -2 degrees below zero heat is not open, there are windows open (presumably bad) bath faucet 14, can use only 11, not hot bath in winter, every time queuing, swimming pool water are pale green, poor air quality in swimming pools, swimming pool tiles aging is also very easy to scratch, baby pool and the pool water temperature in winter is very low for the kindergarten children to school, bathing is not convenient, the key to swimming pools is choking, came home one day be able to continuously The sneezing and dry cough, seriously affecting their daily lives, I do not belong to them small children sports schools training, cough, people face very pale, the training of people not many such circumstances how can we strengthen the power of our country's sports.

I have been to the other pool, the water was blue, winter dressing room is very hot, bath automatic thermostat, as well as to observe, why do anything on the water quality of swimming pools in this environment qualified, nobody or what , in how great a harmonious society under the slogan of discord, if that day was out of chlorine poisoning, lung infection, then the consolidation is not too late.

Mentioned several views, no sincerity, it is estimated there are rebates swimming pool disinfecting materials used in a particularly cheap, the most funny heard that there are "energy-saving bonus", or according to regulations of this kind of environment they act too牛逼of.

As well as their management was previously vice president of the swimming pool engaged in track and field, and I think is very wrong, at least to find a professional, informed, there are enterprising people

from a place2010-01-26 17:13:28 +0000 #2
the most effective approach is the use of media: TV, newspaper, Internet, the mayor's hotline.
Bring a clear sky2010-01-26 17:35:07 +0000 #3
a country characterized by: no interest, nobody; nothing happens, nobody; is not nobody lives.



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