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I sing a sense of how to do Mensheng nasal feels like suffocating, like

jolindgm2010-01-26 20:01:22 +0000 #1
how can we be wrong to sing a good Gaidiao
suxman2010-01-26 20:07:56 +0000 #2
singing mouth ventilation when handling the gas Yehao any nose mouth can also be

Singing a nasal flu affected, if not, then this should be counted out of the characteristics of your bar
ImSilas2010-01-26 20:19:28 +0000 #3
mouth Zhang enriched voice of facial expressions left on, rather than stuffy inside
shwangzhong5202010-01-26 21:21:12 +0000 #4
you have to try to open up their own voice呀! Every morning you can practice the next breath! Preferably under the guidance of a professional vocal teacher!



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