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Seeking Physical Research Study Issues "beginner swimmers Analysis of the anxiety and fear," conclud

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Swimming in the water with the body's physical movement of water push forward a physical skill, is a highly fitness value of sport. Through the exercise not only promote good health and shape the body, but also have access to a survival skill. But for beginners, the most feared there I like to swim water, choking the water and so on. So how to overcome the psychological fear to swim it?

First, for analysis, the reason why fear:

1, the water buoyancy, resistance, pressure brought about a sense of not adapting. Buoyancy can not be down to earth people, you have not seen the chest of a suffocating water Youji beginners pressure.

2, the environment changes. Beginners from the land into the water, changing to walk upright, there is no fixed point of the hair force, in the water surrounded by are not clear about or hear, resulting in the physical sense of crisis for beginners.

3, psychological barrier. If a child had a drowning incident.

With the above analysis, what measures can be taken to eliminate the fear

1, preparedness was adequate. So that beginners are familiar with the swimming pool as far as possible to understand the depth. Can also be ready for life-saving tools and necessary medical supplies, so that beginners feel a sense of security.

2, are familiar with water-based. The environment must be the first practice in shallow water areas, water depth is best not more than 1.2 meters, to avoid the beginner to the deep sense of apprehension. Practice in the water stand, walk, glide, float, etc.; in the water practicing jumps, turns and hands the water; the body into a prone position like, hands-reach body to relax, experience the feeling of floating in the water; hands tuck tuck experience the body in the in the water feeling.

Beginners need to get familiar with the water, one not work twice, and twice not work on the three ... ...

then can learn pedal while taxiing to experience a sense of floating in the water.

3, breathing exercises. Common swimming beginners, simmering about 10 meters swim in one breath stopped big mouth breathing and her face is also Biede red, and this is no master in the water breathing. Beginners can first practice in water and hold your breath until ventilation; practice in the water blow off steam, water suction, water and exhaled a long time and slow, water breathing short and quick, repeated practice until proficient.

4, exercises in the water balance. This balance refers to the beginners can try to float in the water and the horizontal plane parallel to keep the body in the water balance has been struck.

In order to better get to overcome the fear, you can play these games in the water

1, water polo.

2, divers look for things. Will be an object submerged in the diving area, wear goggles, hold your breath looking for.

3, many other water games, we can play themselves.

Beginner Through the above practice, I've no fear of water after the exercises can be started swimming.

哈哈. Swimming with the highest state is this: You find yourself swimming with the legs disappeared, and felt only the tail.

Would like to this article, dedicated to those who want to learn how to swim.



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