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Confirmation to the girls loved to swim a big truth?

Grassroots Bears2010-03-31 12:12:15 +0000 #1
Junior high school graduates that year, for the first time to the beach to swim in the middle to go pee solution, just come on shore, Zhengchou not find the toilet. I could hear someone stopped a girl wearing a skirt, the girl back to said one simple sentence: "I am the toilet!" "I want to go!" With the voices of girls and silver bell classes, followed by recovery over a girl wearing a swimsuit, also look like students. Because I am eager to find the toilet, take two steps to catch up with that a tight swimsuit girl. "Sister, may I ask where the toilet for?" She shun Shouyi Zhi: "Xie little hands to go there." I followed the direction she was referring to a look, the original is to use plastic sheeting on the beach surrounded by a simple dressing room. She looked at both walked into the female locker room, does it mean she was both on the sand in the locker room to urinate on a solution? ? (Male locker room where there is a smell of urine smell shares, step aside a bit wet sand. Tate's menfolk Well, Datailielie, possibly sea toilets are not easy to find, but they are a bit too much ...... side of the bar.) Guo for a while, they both go hand in hand from the simple out of the locker room, talked and laughed, exceptionally easy. I have not the nerve in the locker room solutions, Huanhaoyifu leave the beach, Yuemo twenty minutes away, I have to find a public toilet.

On another occasion, summer day, I went to an open-air water park to swim, when people Tingduo. One into the locker room by immediately smelt a smell of urine smell urine clear, but which simply did not toilet Well. Changing clothes in two minutes made me understand. Two minutes on the proposed projects, directed at the wall in the dressing room floor drain urinate as many as four or five people there. I thought to myself: I really do not consciously, how such a large aquatic park will be no toilets. Xiangshangcesuo the middle of my swim, but to look at, really no place like the toilet, but did not notice the instructions of the toilet identity. Shore, a man I casually asked where the toilet you know? I saw a lady at his side (which may be his wife) is an easy to read: "the locker room." Wearing a pink bathing suit next to a girl of ten or so (which may be his daughter), immediately pick up a: "into the sidelines it wants to. "the man added the sentence:" can only urination, Xie No ah big hands. "hear them say this, in my mind draw a few question marks. Later, his heart sought out to find, found, an excuse in the park at a declination of a small house is the toilet, quite far away from the locker room, but must first, under a dozen stairs to see, no wonder so many people in the locker room urine . Toilet Daoshi both clean and clean.

Through the above two things, I almost confused the female compatriots should be loved and clean hygiene, and how can? ? Is it because I have touched several times too clever, or more? Here I would like to ask a female compatriots like swimming and want to answer truthfully: female locker room in the uncivilized people are Tingduo do? Some Yongchang female locker room is not there was a marked Niaowei it? Asked a bit presumptuous, but the person asking such a question, Ms. I am sorry, I am afraid that others may not necessarily be to actually answer. In any case, I would verify is the big truth. Xie has.

5lovesj2010-03-31 12:14:57 +0000 #2
Amount ... ...

The Mody? ... ...

We are all players in the locker room to urinate, after all, with the girls ... ... the long-term training, also very nerve 啦, but we will end urinate water rinse longer follow the
Star Lake 22010-03-31 13:01:15 +0000 #3
then you need to show good faith
charlotte_ Fei dimple2010-03-31 12:41:35 +0000 #4
I am in Chongqing, side changing rooms have toilets, there are separate toilet outside, ..

I am generally a separate toilet ... did not come across the situation you say ah. .. 囧
lcxat2010-03-31 13:04:59 +0000 #5
Almost every woman in formal occasions, we will always try to fight their own copies of the glossy shine on people. However, in some private special occasions, the difference from the extremely poor. Some love the clean, and some ... ... not be generalized.
Rattled the ringing2010-03-31 13:36:33 +0000 #6
This is a little bit ---



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