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Hot Springs, what to pay attention to

Chui confused2010-01-26 22:01:48 +0000 #1
I lived in Shanghai, now intends to go to the old district with a hot spring, is there anything to pay attention to do? The elderly, children can bubble bar!
Xian Xia domain mystery2010-01-26 22:16:05 +0000 #2
bathing in hot springs Note:

While bathing in hot springs on the various health benefits, but not everyone apply. Experts remind that, for bathing in hot springs, the following points in particular to note:

1, hypertension, heart disease, medication under the premise of the rules, you can soak hot springs, but every time to no more than 20 minutes. Got up slowly should be careful to avoid due to vascular dilation, blood pressure leading to dizziness and fall.

2, some skin disease patients, should not soak hot springs. Although the efficacy of skin beauty hot spring, but suffering from the winter itch, eczema, atopic dermatitis who soaked in hot water for too long, due to accelerated evaporation of skin moisture, skin damage protective layer, will worsen the symptoms.

3, bathing in hot springs, the body of water evaporated quickly, it is necessary to add water.

4, bubble spa, remember Heshangshuangyan to meditative mood, slowly breathe deeply several times, the pressure can really free your mind.


Hot Springs Hot Springs Eight note is a special natural resource, often soaking is not only useful health, and medical and health care, beauty beauty and other multi-effects. If you already know that you are aware of immersion to some of the common sense and attention to work? No one who saw the following content, you'll be able to "spa experts" had to move closer.

First of all, the next soup, read and comply with the provisions of the spa management units, such as Bu Zhao clothes, do not wipe the water body, not use soap, etc., so that is primarily for the prevention of destruction of spa water. Then, please shower, wash the body before they can enter the pool, soaking, it is polite, but also ethics.

Second, not every kind of hot springs are suitable for soaking, too hot, not too sour spring bulbs, the temperature of 30-45 degrees more appropriate. Into the spa pool, in addition to not scrub the body, but also to refrain from sports or kicked in the pool, the correct approach is to quietly lay a spa pool, enjoy the hot springs penetrate the body feeling.

3rd it, hot springs soaking time depends on the individual needs and spring temperature may be, but in general, a single not more than 15 minutes, and three times a day should be limited. One argument is this: once or twice a bath, three or four times called enjoyment, five or six times to health. Another one hot springs bubble formula: Every day two or three back, every time three or five times, every three to five points (minutes), these are reference values, but the focus are to remind you: must not be thought that bubbles were several times longer or more will be more effective wash, this is not a correct concept.

Fourth, try to avoid hot springs soak immediately before meals or after meals, after meals should be at least more appropriate interval of 60 minutes.

Fifth, the long journey immediately after the hot springs should not be a good idea to take a break, and so on physical recovery after immersion into the hot springs pool.

6th, easy-to tepid hot springs insomnia is appropriate, it is best to soak a little lying, if the headache, nausea, heart palpitations when you should not be soaked. Have a specific disease or those who have special physiological conditions, should make their own attention to the safety of bathing in hot springs.

7th, usually from the hot spring pools do not have to re-use of water after washing up, but skin allergies, or the concentration of high quality spring, it is best washed and re-look at, so as not to have the opposite effect.

Finally, for safety reasons, children should not be soaked in water temperature is too high, adults should first test.



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