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beyond20472010-01-26 23:01:28 +0000 #1
sports school to go swimming training (spare-time training), the purpose of a: to meet the children (6 years) swimming-loving; Objective 2: desire to become a specialty of Health for the future l test (junior, high school, university) to make preparations; the purpose of 3 : into the provincial sports school with good academic results after the post-graduate development along this direction. Members of view? Thanks!
Emily552010-01-26 23:17:29 +0000 #2
very correct! Agreed to upstairs

Sports School is the dark. . .
Good-bye a child Y2010-01-26 23:21:46 +0000 #3
I do not agree! Who says sports ministry training school, as long as he (she) wants to learn to everything is possible! 【I was】
Yan Su Yan2010-01-26 23:41:58 +0000 #4
you want your child to go the way athletes do? To tell you, sports are only two: competitive sports and mass sports. Sports refers to professional athletes category. So much in general no cultural basis, as other children when he was learning to swim, the other kids because of slapstick, he tired in the sleep or because of injuries in the hospital healing. Once you have selected sports, it means that your child's childhood all dedicated to swimming. He did a lot of time to enjoy a happy child of the others, but also because you and coaches expect of him, he would be a great psychological pressure. I am a Physical Education college students, we have specialized training in this school, the child has been coach scolded every day, but water is only once a week, in addition to their training to use, usually college students, where classes are outside of people to spend money to swim in. or where very clean. Basically, each child to call home when the tears to see people feel bad. The most important is what I want to say most is that you clear a number of Olympic champions crushed buried behind the do? If your child has been trained a few years later found that he was not coaching the block will let you flew him back home. At this time, he missed the best time to learn, and can not move forward, you thought of consequences? ? Mass sports that your child is training, that time in order to move into a good health specialty high school and college, but usually you have to develop his love of learning good habits. I just like them there. When I test the results in general, because I have a track and field skills, and go home in front of high school sports special move key provincial examinations took part in the test results are accepted. I, therefore, to the family saved money, 20007 1000. After high school, I represent the school to participate in a variety of non-stop race. My mother considers the test classes as usual is not good university, in my High School when the next semester to stop all my games. I was a college entrance examination test of sports, sports sub-test of the high culture, I took the test more than 400, it entered the body of the hospital. I majored in education, I intend to test students in the future when the physical education teachers. I think you go online to see the Olympic champion who grew up bar, it is really not one-off days. The swimming, the still relatively Chambre d. Forgot to tell you that the university entrance exam when the sports are two, one is a special entrance examination, test and other such prestigious Wuhan University, one that I like this, good but not outstanding. In particular to remind you: the actual need is 21 people, not machines. You do not write your child develop into a machine, and want to make him a good learning and cultural knowledge. One day soon this road go elsewhere to swim, and he still has an escape route.



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