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International standard swimming pool

L4615067542010-03-31 22:10:49 +0000 #1
1) pool length

a standard pool: usually 50m, to allow error +0.03 m. In the pool-side transfer plate can be installed when the electric shock device, (electric shock board size: 2.4m × 0.9m × 0.01m, 30cm in both end walls Department placed on the water. Immersion in water 60cm. Plate surface bright and marked with signs with the pool wall lines mark the same line.) pool a total length of 50m

b Short Course: Short Course length is 25m, short-course length of 25m, allowing error +0.02 m

(2) pool width 21m, the Olympics / World Championships requirement 25m.

(3) water depth water depth required ≥ 1.8m. Both ends of the pool wall to the water from the water 30cm 80cm Department. Can be no more than 1.2cm deep from the surface of the water within the pool wall on the rest platforms located, Taiwan voluminous 10-15cm.

(4) Every race lanes 2.5m wide, side Road, plus 0.5m, two-lane highway between the banding, traffic separation line with a buoy line points hanging in the pool wall at both ends, inside pool wall hanging hook, bottom of the pool and pool-side lane center line of the wall should be set for a dark mark line.

(5) starting block should be centered in each lane center line, table 50cm × 50cm. Taiwan facing the front surface of the water should be above the water surface 50-70cm. The water table tend to not more than 10 ", and to ensure that when athletes start at the front and sides to seize the table, the starting platform shall have no outstanding backstroke handshake device outside the pool wall, above the surface of the water 30-60cm, and is level and vertical two. Lane should be marked around the starting block number of numbers, numbers from the starting direction ordered from right to left.

(6) Swimming Pool be installed in the overflow tank on both sides of the wall in order to maintain the water requirements to try and drain away the surface floating dirt. Swimming pool climbing ladders should be embedded, the number of general 4-6, its location should not affect the referee.

(7) pool the necessary vertical smooth pool wall, the bottom non-slip, the surface layer of flat smooth easy to clean. General White Mosaic Wall stickers, stickers bottom white glazed tiles, glazed tiles black line marked lanes.

(8) Swimming Pool shore width of the pond shore You start wide ≥ 5m, the other pool shore ≥ 3m. Race pool, pool sides starting block width ≥ 10m, the other shore width ≥ 5m.

(9) Will it be a swimming pool so the price?

Bounds walk2010-03-31 22:14:48 +0000 #2
wcywlc2010-03-31 22:17:31 +0000 #3
estimated to be the most expensive water money. . .



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