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Who knows about swimming essay

Liu Yifei love2010-01-27 03:02:09 +0000 #1
Who knows about swimming essay? 400 words
King-fai ing2010-01-27 03:06:34 +0000 #2
to make my body strong and together, Mom Dad decided to let me go learn how to swim. But after listening to the students learned to swim in the telling, I am a little scared.

Learn how to swim The first days in her mother's urging, I doubt to come to a swimming pool, saw more than a basketball court is also displayed in front of a large swimming pool, pool peak and visitors crowd, people wearing colorful bathing suits playing in the water writhed everywhere splash, see my eyes.

First day of the first familiar with the water, the teacher told us to hand on the side wall, shoulder to go to the water, and then walk around the pool. Into the pool, suddenly Yi Gu cool involuntary punched me chills. After a while, the students were all tired of the exhausted, and could be hard-hearted teacher is still asking us repeatedly practice.

The next few days, the teacher has taught us again Teng Chiao, breath holding, arm stroke.

Teng Chiao first feet close together, and then turned legs, finally re-tread out, quick clips. Who is the teacher's slogan: income turned frog, the students follow suit holding a floating plate up, through repeated practice, Teng Chiao before I took the time to learn one day, the original is not hard to learn how to swim, it is a terrorist Well.

Learned Teng Chiao, and also learn breath holding, and for the first time Teng Chiao hold your breath, I drank a big saliva, painful breath, our eyes ice sour, and began swim from one side to the other side of me a also drink a few saliva, then, I have mastered the method, and soon learned to hold your breath.

Also learn hand-drawn, and hand-drawn on the ground to go to school, I soon learned, but timid reasons, one into the water, I would very confusing, looked like a crab in the water dance Zhang grasping teeth, and sometimes even Even water is not the next. So I mixed a few days, suddenly, one day, the teacher is said that the float Qudiao, 11 checks, I am a blank mind, which I am, I refused to delay the water, the teacher to see me this way, right I said: "I protect nothing to fear." heard from teachers that some re-thinking of my mother, then my expectation, I summon the courage to jump down, ah, I float, and float, and I will be swimming. "
Since then, I am not afraid of swimming, and love to swim.

Learn how to swim, so I not only got a taste of the joy of overcoming the fear of success, but also the first taste of the bitter taste of sweet, really:" without a Fan biting cold, how was the smell of fragrant plum

2. learn how to swim

- Xiamen Foreign Language school to four years (2) Class Zhang Cheng

Speaking of swimming, I have learned three years, and can be Just because school is not afraid of the water has been

so, my father gave me this year, invited a coach. The first day I learn Gone with the Wind,

but I do not always float up and, more specifically, not Gone with the Wind, coaches had to teach me first, clutching shore doing breaststroke leg action: legs straight, feet close together again after his feet " toe, "to recover the thigh, and then out to" smear

Circle. "

Is easier said than done, I have a float, fear was running around in circles,

who sink to the bottom, drink a lot of water, I am very frustrated by seeing the progress of other students throw off a large portion, I am really burning with anxiety.

Learn how to swim to "have courage", and when I Xieqi coach inadvertently given me an inspiration, not to choke a few saliva, there is nothing to fear, and do not know where to come to the courage, I have unknowingly struggling in the water I float the.

Learned to drift, I began to learn the hand movements, the first coach to teach the shore: palms together, the former give birth to the palm of your hand the result of "toe"

and then use the whole strength of students circle, the harder the better , on the shore I may be doing well from one to the water, hands and feet on the hell broke loose, and I remember the coach said, I move up. I will be swimming's great! I am happy to jump in the water, "Do not get too excited, there are even more difficult to do!" Remark let me calm down, and sure enough ventilation only stumbling block in front of me again, I put hands and feet movements ventilation Guzhao the whole do not remember, and adjusted the ventilation does not move, but have had a previous successful experience, I soon crossed this bridge.

I have the courage to face a difficult one can be successfully resolved 10 days later I finally learned how to swim and "courage."

3. Swimming

13:00 today, Dad decided to take me to swim.

In the hall on the way to travel, I always think it's a bit daunting will be drowned.

To the gym soon and then we do all the preparations, we come to a swimming pool, I said: "Dad, go swimming?" Dad said: "Let's go!" First of all, Dad on the swimming circle water, and then hold me up. Dad took my swimming circle took me into the land put to the yin, said: "After trying to get my father said:" You will not go away in this play, I went to Sham Shui Po to play, and then over, you To obediently obey Oh! "Dad will be back again soon. For me, said:" sweet, Dad teach you to swim right? "I am pleased to direct nod. My father held out his hand to my chin, said:" The legs firmly placed, hand-drawn force. "So I tried desperately to tread with the planning, but how are zoned it up. Father laughed, and said to me:" Do you hand and foot of the force varies, all with anti-, so do not swim up. I tried to read it twice pan please? "I quickly nodded. As a result, my father travel to me. I saw my father! In water. Like a fish swimming as I can, like father, like when will呀! Suddenly, the father of the I said: "sweet, come learn how to swim," I said: "Oh! Come. "Learn to learn, I finally learned a little. My father to see my thoughts as if, like me, said:" The sweet, tired bar! Today you swim very well, more than twice you will soon be swimming. "I heard the father's in praise me, I am pleased to have pro-holding father. This is the first time, but my father praised me, praise me, and my father always said:" I am doing well, that do not好. "Today, he praised me, this time I was proud as a cock-Jiao, lift up my head high, the body stood straight, and to the whole world, said:" Daddy praise me, praise me , and I was the best. "
We swim for a while, they happily went home.



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