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Attendance Team to join student unions anxious

zhaohanjie5202010-01-27 04:01:54 +0000 #1
My attendance team vice captain, our team would like to join the student seeking an application to me I would be grateful
Cyang13145202010-01-27 04:14:01 +0000 #2
Dear Youth League School Students:

"students" in Attendance Team is a sacred term in mind, she connect schools and students, is a student to manage their own organization. Up, her state of mind reflected in students and growth process; down, she conveyed the school rules and regulations and management intentions; inward, she organized students to participate in a variety of beneficial physical and mental health and sports activities; out, she linked inter-school organization to participate in social welfare activities. The role of bridge and link student basis for their existence; self-training to enhance the significance of the quality of student self-evolving source of inspiration. Therefore, student organizations, school attendance team aspire to. To join the student union, becoming one of the active molecule is appraisal team has always been the wish.

If the appraisal team will be able to successfully enter school student organizations, performance appraisal team will actively take the initiative, democracy, and to help to play her due role and exercise their own in which a variety of capacities, including organizational skills, thinking ability, competence, and create and interpersonal skills. But also consciously learn and experience Jiang Zemin's "three represents" the spirit, thereby enhancing their own political and ideological consciousness and political participation and awareness.

We have attendance in the school management team forceful, strong, disciplined, organized, and we Attendance team if they can become a member of the student union, and we will try to help the school teacher to manage.

Can be said that student attendance is to join the team in order to complete this desire. Of course, the power of their own attendance team is difficult to achieve this dream, I want to love the management of students, public-spirited activities, students can join our ranks. Because this is a new century and the requirements of the pulse of the times, the voice of the community.

Fellow students, let us forge ahead with the bar!

However, if the attendance team unable to join the student union is the desire on behalf of attendance team have come to nothing out?

Do not! Attendance Team, a definite answer: no!

Attendance team unable to join the students to explain their level is not high enough, capacity is not strong enough. Attendance Team will continue to self-exercise and move on.

Because I deeply know: the twenty-first century, young people should have such aspirations, in that spirit!

Thank you! I finished the speech!





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