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This count as psychological problems?

a86723982010-01-27 06:01:55 +0000 #1
Now see a lot of people look at NBA players because they support their own and then belittle the other stars, and then with other fans of abusive and sometimes intentions against the law to pick up some players who willfully compared to a lot of people know that father was not true Why is there still compete, what is now the majority of people who do not have this kind of psychology, feels abnormal.
Zhang unitary chen2010-01-27 06:17:09 +0000 #2
players who you like, of course, speak for him啦.
wzqyfylzy2010-01-27 06:27:34 +0000 #3
From a psychological point of view, this should be regarded as a close - avoidant psychological defense mechanism, because for their favorite star's favor, while simultaneously disparaging addition to all the things that is not regarded as morbid mentality, but the If the performance of a very serious which affects life, then another matter.



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