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football is my favorite sport.

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how to answer it


qq5264118872010-01-27 08:33:47 +0000 #3
Everyone in this world has their own favorite sport, so do I. My favorite sport is football. I often play football with my friends. I like football because it is exciting and challenging.

I began playing football when i was XXX years old. Tt is just so fun! There are many worldwide international competition of football. One of the major international competitions in football is the World Cup organized by Fédération Internationale de Football Association.

The star I admired most in football is Edson Arantes do Nascimento who is a former Brazilian football player and thought by many to be the finest player of all time.

Well, there are many reasons why football is my favorite sport. I wish to become a professional football player. I learnt teambuilding, discipline as well as teamwork through playing football.



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